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Approved FL Bio for Sedrin Mathos - CC'd by BT

Quisalas Selene

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Handle: Sedrin Mathos


Character Name: Sedrin Mathos

Division: Freelanders

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Physical Description:

~Height: 5'9"

~Weight: 170 lbs.

~Eyes: Gray

~Hair: Dirty blonde

~Other Outstanding Features: Sedrin Mathos is a compact man, who sports the traditional square-cut beard of Illianer men that bares the upper lip. Thick eyebrows hide most of a thin white scar that curves above his left eye; he received the injury whilst in a skirmish with several Altaran soldiers in a border raid at a young age, when he first joined the Companions.* He is muscular, but not incredibly bulky, and is of average height and build.


~Place of Birth/Raising: The Perfumed Quarter, Illian


~Character History:

Sedrin Mathos was born in the kitchen of an inn known as The Silver Dolphin near the Perfumed Quarter of Illian. His mother, Marim, was taking a leisurely stroll on the Bridge of Flowers in the last days of her pregnancy, all of a sudden began to cramp and knew that little Sedrin was about to be introduced into the world. The nearest building was a squat pale stone building known as The Silver Dolphin. The kindly innkeeper there eased Marim through birth with the use of several herbs, for she was rather skillful at the craft.


Unfortunately, however, Marim passed away during childbirth, leaving little Sedrin with only his father, Tamar. Tamar was a tanner who worked in one of the outlying tanneries in the marshes of Illian, and he wasn't as fond of Sedrin as he thought he would be. Their relationship was veiled by Marim's death, and Sedrin grew up alone, for the most part. Nothing much happened in his teenage years, but when he became a young adult, he was drafted into the Illianer Companions and sent on a border raid to Murandy. He and his legion had a small skirmish with Altaran soldiers for a border dispute. Whilst taking orders from his Commander, an arrow brushed Sedrin's brow, producing a permanent scar, white and thin, that he would live with forever. Fortunately, however, the Altarans were quelled and Illian gained several hundred hides of land for their control.


Upon returning to Illian, he and his legion found the city in an uproar. A man had gone missing, and that man was Tamar, Sedrin's father. In a panic, Sedrin set out alone to go find his father, with a pack on his back and his sword from the Companions in hand. He ventured out into the Plains of Maredo, and found Tamar pinned to a tree with a spear, his mouth gagged and his neck broken. Clutched loosely in his fingers was a yellowed note, which Sedrin gingerly slid from his dead father's cold grip. Scrawled across the parchment in his father's sharp hand were the words "Seek the treasure of gold, call the heroes of old." That was it, that mere sentence.


He knew what it meant--that he must hunt for the Horn of Valere--but why? Why had his father been pinned to a tree with a note in hand that said he must find the Horn? He tried to sort out the swirling thoughts in his head, but to no avail. He set off for Illian. Upon arrival, another great upheaval wracked the town, but a jolly one this time. The Great Hunt of the Horn had been called. Wide-eyed with the absurdity of it all, Sedrin vowed to leave the Companions and became a Hunter for the Horn. He was sworn by his oaths in the Great Square of Tammuz, and embarked on a quest to find the Horn and fulfill his father's mysterious words.


The Companions, however, would not simply let him desert their ranks and go off to chase after what some of them believed was simply a myth. They chased after him, pronouncing him a deserter, and he fled to the harbor, where he meant to board a boat that would take him away from Illian. He felt no ties to Illian now, for he had buried his father before leaving. The ship he boarded was a merchant vessel bound for Tanchico. As it headed out into sea, it was captured and raided by Illianer pirates, who killed the panicked Tairen merchant and captured him. He was kept belowdecks as a prisoner, and was given a crusted heel of bread and a cracked glass of dirty water to satisfy him. But, fortunately, the ship was moored on a sandbar and Sedrin managed to escape.


Not far from shore, he swam and was surprised to find himself on the banks of Tear. You see, Sedrin had not the usual hatred of Tear as most Illianers did, but he knew that he would most likely cause trouble if any Tairens caught sight of him. Laying low, he found shelter under a rock overhang and waited, plotting out what to do next. And he thought of a perfect idea.


An Andoran trade vessel passed by several days later, and he waved down the captain, who let him aboard for a hefty sum. The Andoran captain however, took him to Andor, where he now resides in Caemlyn, hoping to begin his hunt for the Horn, and where he now tries to avoid Illian at all costs. Sedrin Mathos is a bold and practical man, who does what he can to survive. And find the Horn, as his father's fabled words instructed...

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