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Recent addition...here's a little about me

Lord Dragon

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Hi there fellow Wheel of Time Enthusiasts. I have been reading since December ('05). I'm about halfway through book 8 and I have read New Spring. I have a day job as a Civil Engineer (I'm an EI for those who know...two more years to test for my PE)and I'm a musician on the side. I teach classical guitar at a local Academy during the regular semesters and I play gigs on the weekends (mostly restaurants and social events). I started reading for pleaseure last April and read about the first 10 Xanth books by Piers Anthony before I picked up my copy of the Eye of the World that a friend of mine gave me years ago...probably not long after it first came out, just never read! I've been hooked since then and I juggle reading with spending time with my girlfriend, video games, practicing guitar, swimming, work, and attending guitar competitions.


I really enjoy how RJ writes. I know some people have grown tired of his descriptions, but I think it is a way to fully imagine and immerse into the world of the WoT. He also draws on many different cultures myths and mores which is also a distinguishing factor I like.


I'll stop there. I won't write a novel for you, I just wanted to Introduce myself. I am also a member of the Valiant Comics forum where I go by "Manowar Class", so I am pretty familiar to these kinds of things.


Hope to see you around and participate in some stimulating discussions!



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Guest TheDemigod

hey and welcome to dragonmount! I hope you'll enjoy it here, and plese do come by the yellow ajah boards for a chat :D

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