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Of New Beginnings and Pouring Rain (open introduction RP)

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It was raining. Hard. Aemond snarled under his breath, he hated the rain. No, not the rain itself, but the feeling of cold, wetness slipping down between his eyes, down his shoulder blades, over his back. He had seen too many wet days before. Aemond pulled his cloak tighter about him and tucked himself further into the hood. His clothing underneath the cloak would do him little good against the rain.


He wore a pair of black leather trousers tucked into heavy weather-worn tan boots, and topped by a belt that held his long-sword, a two foot length of steel shaped that was light enough for him to hold the hand-and-a-half hilt with one hand, leaving him free to wield his long dagger. He wore a loose faded red tunic over top, tucked into the belt, with tie strings at the throat. He had leather gauntlets atop the tunic over his forearms and tight black leather gloves over his hands. His short, close-cropped dark bronze hair did little to stop the chill in the air from reaching him.


Aemond stopped, looking around him. Someone was nearby, following him. He squinted and reached up, scratching the two-day growth on his chin. Perhaps he had found the Band of the Red Hand's encampment. He turned to face a scout, his or her gender hidden by the cloak that it wore.


"Are you a member of the Band of the Red Hand?" Aemond asked and waited patiently for a response.


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Rurak stalked out of the forest grumbling at the rain. It had ruined a perfectly good campout. He had been intending to go off on his own for a while. He'd only recently gotten the medics to stop fussing over him and let him off on his own more. It had been a while but he was starting to get mobility back in his fingers. It was a good sign. Enough for him to start possibly handling a crossbow. He'd been hoping to be able to use the outing to hunt with a borrowed crossbow, but the rain had put an end to that. He had it under his coat now hanging from the belt to protect it from the rain.


He could feel a bit of wetness on his back too. Looks like it was about time to put a bit more coating on the coat for next time. He sighed at the thought. He was brought out of his inner musings by a stranger on the road. He was traveling alone, which wasn't enough to make him suspicious but he clearly wasn't a scout. Scouts always prided themselves on being sneaky, and it was almost always a given that once outside of the band's encampments they disappeared into the brush. From the way the cloak billowed in the wind he could see a longsword underneath the raincoat and wouldn't put it past the man to have a knife. It was wise to keep a weapon around during these times.


Realizing his own condition Rurak decided to keep some distance and follow the man, not because the man would be a threat, but more because he was curious than anything else. Life was currently boring and following him would make things interesting. The man shortly stopped abruptly and looked around Then turned abruptly. Curses, he'd been heard? Well...looks like he'd have to go have a chat with the scouts again about stealthcraft. He'd never gotten around to that with them.


"Are you a member of the band of the red hand?" He asked.

"Well that could all depend on what you want with the band, but supposing I say yes?" Rurak responded.

He wasn't worried, while one hand clutched the cloak tight around him, The other hand was resting lightly on the top of the crossbow. There was enough distance that he be able to get one shot off in time, but he couldn't guarantee anything with his damaged hands. Curses, the man would be able to see the bandaged hands from holding the cloak shut! Oh well, things would play out as they would, and he doubted the man was trouble anyways.

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"Are you a member of the band of the red hand?" Aemond asked. The man replied "Well that could all depend on what you want with the band, but supposing I say yes?" The man tugged his cloak tighter and Aemond saw his heavily bandaged hands. He sighed, a cripple, who seemed to be resentful, this man could be annoying. And Aemond's temper was shortening, brought about by the cold rain.

"I wish to join the band, I heard about them during my travels. Do you know how I can join them. Or not?"


OOC: Sorry I took a while to respond, work's kinda hectic.

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Rurak smiled as the man's temper got the better of him.

"Peace man no need to be testy about it all, just curious. These are certainly troubled times. Come, let's get out of the rain, I can lead you to the band." Rurak said turning to allow the man to follow him. Another recruit it would seem. They walked in silence for a time, Rurak allowing the man time to cool his head a bit and also trying to think of how to talk to the man without putting his guard back up. As they walked Rurak spotted some motion off to his left. Using the hand not holding the cloak Rurak flashed some quick hand signs letting the scouts know he'd handle it. It came in handy to have learned the scouts' quick signs.


Having really nothing else to talk about, Rurak began anew. "Well Mr..." he said. Pausing long enough for the man to give him his name


"Ah, Aemond, Good name that. Well I'm Lieutenant Rurak Gistere of the archers." He glanced quickly to see if the fact that he'd been short with an officer affected the man at all. If it did he hid it well, he had to give him that much.

"Anyhow, what brings you to the band of the red hand Aemond and what makes you qualified to join up with us? Not that I doubt your abilities, but the band is very good at what it does, and I'm sure there are other mercenary groups out there who could have taken you in as well if you were looking for a soldiers pay." Rurak said, giving the man time to respond

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