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  1. Okay, I read through about 8 pages just checking to see if anyone had posted this theory on things, so there's only about 3 pages that I didn't read about the men getting additional power quickly, but if you'll recall rand's fat man angreal went missing after the battle of dumai's wells. I've been thinking taim's been keeping that his ace in the hole the whole time, but what if the black tower also has channelers that can make angreal now. This is just my personal little theory, though why they haven't had Elayne making angreal yet is beyond me.
  2. yeah, I agree with the fade out theory...still...would be nice to give rand a break. I mean, I'm not a HUGE fan of him, but the man deserves to have some rest, and he's not gonna get it if he's still the strongest channeler in the world.
  3. I'm thinking actually the one power will disappear. I think it would be rather awesome actually if at the end the one power is gone, then Rand if he survives can live a life in relative peace since he won't have any power for anyone to want to exploit, plus we won't have to worry about the whole AM/AS power struggle.
  4. Rurak quirked an eyebrow at Burgandy. "You call that shooting? Light, I can train just about any recruit to shoot better than that, but I think you already know that. Alright, saira, get back up to the line and take a few more shots. Burgundy, I want you to watch more closely every part of her movements and tell me what you see. Whatever you miss she can explain in more detail, then if she misses anything I'll cover the last." Saira nodded and headed up to the line, nervously Rurak thought. Well, it was a bit of pressure but he was confident, after all, he had taught Saira himself and if
  5. Rurak was too stunned at what Burgandy was proposing. Him? Hit a girl? Not on your life. He was saved from responding at first, while his mind took the time to absorb just what the man was proposing, by Saira's reaction. It was quite humorous actually taken from an objective point of view. She started talking frantically until she ran out of words and started waving her hands around. Well, he couldn't really let this continue. He may be with an army and have traveled a lot of places but he really was still just a farmboy with a bow, just a little grown up from those days, and you DEFINITELY ne
  6. Hmm...didn't realize. I did this on accident. A few of us were exercising in the mornings but we kept falling asleep during stretching so the guys in our pad would try and remember their dreams from the night before and we'd share them to help keep us awake. Ended up after a while that we decided to try controlling our dreams. (One of my friends had never had a flying dream before so we were determined to let him experience how amazing of a feeling flying in dreams was) and for myself (another tangent) we had gotten together and asked one of those random stupid questions...if you could be a su
  7. Rurak smiled as the man's temper got the better of him. "Peace man no need to be testy about it all, just curious. These are certainly troubled times. Come, let's get out of the rain, I can lead you to the band." Rurak said turning to allow the man to follow him. Another recruit it would seem. They walked in silence for a time, Rurak allowing the man time to cool his head a bit and also trying to think of how to talk to the man without putting his guard back up. As they walked Rurak spotted some motion off to his left. Using the hand not holding the cloak Rurak flashed some quick hand signs
  8. I'd like to see a 3 way between some characters Ringwraith vs Myrdraal vs Shade Trolloc vs Orc vs (can't remember what the equivalent for a orc was in eragon) I just remember noticing how similar they were between the 3 books
  9. I think it'll be something akin to people today being medically 'dead' but then later coming back to life. Basically I think She'll put him in a state where he'll be 'dead' but also that Nynaeve (or possibly someone else but in most likely hood Nynaeve) will be able to miraculously heal him and bring him back to life.
  10. what's that even supposed to mean 'the only person stitched out of the wheel of time?'
  11. Rurak stalked out of the forest grumbling at the rain. It had ruined a perfectly good campout. He had been intending to go off on his own for a while. He'd only recently gotten the medics to stop fussing over him and let him off on his own more. It had been a while but he was starting to get mobility back in his fingers. It was a good sign. Enough for him to start possibly handling a crossbow. He'd been hoping to be able to use the outing to hunt with a borrowed crossbow, but the rain had put an end to that. He had it under his coat now hanging from the belt to protect it from the rain. H
  12. Suicide I think could only be possible only if the Pattern allows it. And I think the Pattern would only allow a person's death only when the person has fulfilled his/her part. Actually with this I'm inclined to believe that it IS possible to sidestep fate but the consequences are fatal. After all, when mat's being carted of from the first doorframe terangreal he asks why he has to go to rhuidean and marry the daughter of the nine moons and he's told it's because he will have sidestepped the threads of fate or something like that.
  13. Personally I think it's going to have something to do with the prophet...just from the way that everyone around him thinks the prophet needs to die, and also because when Perrin initially is around the Prophet he picks up a scent off of him when they were talking about Rand that seemed wierd to me...can't remember what it was I'll have to go re-read that part, but after all, the Prophet is definitely doing things that aren't in line with what Rand wants and he's gotta know it. I mean, he made alliance with the Seanchan while rand was fighting them. Just my 2 cents.
  14. OOC: If nobody else gets to this by the end of the day I'll do it for you
  15. I think Eamon Valda actually could have put up a good fight against Lan due to the fact that 1) galad's swordsmanship was impressive even to borderlanders who are already pretty darn good. If I remember right from their point of view they were practically standing in awe of him, and 2) Valda was beating Galad pretty handily in their swordfight. He basically only one off of a trick play otherwise he would've been dead. Galad was already better than 1 blademaster their trainer in the yards so Valda was on another level completely when it came to swordfighting. At the same time, I think the perso
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