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Online WOT groups are still around?


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I just started rereading the books, and I started remembering the old WOT discussion/RP sites I used to frequent, and then I noticed that the white tower, grey tower/paaran disen, black tower, and raina's hold, with only wotmania surviving. I despise the wotmania forum format, but was looking around that site when I heard mention of Dragonmount, the site that had always seemed to be down or didn't like my internet connection or computer.


It worked, and so I find myself here. Awesome.

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Guest Egwene

:lol: let's face it... it adds to the fun when you never know what's going to happen tomorrow!!


I agree with you about the wotmania forum format. It's not a format I like either. But it's good to have two sites that are very different from each other. It kind of makes me feel that if there is a problem , we can fight it back to back.


Hope you enjoy your return visit here, Alom. If you want to get back into RP and need any help, Sirayn knows the ins and outs there. Though don't let it stop you exploring what else there is to do. For example, you could visit the book discussions and leave your vote in the various polls there...



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