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Approved BT Bio for Linten al'Dracain, Returning Character, No CC

Arath Faringal

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Name: Linten al'Dracain 


Email: tismeb4u@gmail.com 


Linten is a quiet, some would say shy, young man of 22 years. He is 5'6" and weighs 155lbs with shoulder length light brown hair and green eyes that seem to carry a child like innocence to them. 



Linten was born on his family farm, in a distant corner of Andor, to Etom and Helain al'Dracain. He never got to know his mother Helain as she died giving birth to him. Etom raised Linten alone and often told him stories of his mother and their life together. Linten grew up learning about farming and hunting. Etom would often take him out when he was young and teach him to track and trap. Linten took to the lessons his da taught him and seemed to have a gift for tracking that soon surpassed his father. 


Linten seemed to have a simple and secure life on the farm. He worked the fields with his da and tended the livestock. Free time was almost always spent in the forest tracking anything he came across and dreaming of adventure and travel. But all that changed in the blink of an eye when Linten's world crumbled before his eyes. All Linten can remember about the actual attack that night is blurred and comes in broken pieces. 


After searching frantically amongst the smoke and ruins that had once been his home. He found his father's body slumped over a watering trough, 3 arrow shafts sticking up from his back. As he collapsed to his knees in grief his mind flashed to the scene of a desperate fight for life …. Linten screamed for Etom as he watched the 2 arrows materialize in the back of his father. Linten could not believe this was happening … it had to be a bad dream he desperately wanted to wake from. As Etom fell, Linten cried out a curse to the shadowy figures they fought, willing with all his might to destroy them entirely ….. then everything went dark. 


The memory left him shaking and suddenly aware for the first time of a presence, not a person, but something. It seemed just out of sight, like something seen from the corner of the eye but when you turn nothing is there. It was then that Linten, with his family farm in ruins and nothing left to keep him, decided he would travel to Baerlon, the nearest large city to find answers. 


It was in Baerlon amongst the various Inns that he began to piece together what was going on. Through various stories and rumors he put together a picture of the present time. Wars raging across much of the world, the Dragon had been reborn, men who could wield Saidin gathered at a place called the Black Tower and where sworn to the Dragon. 


However much he disliked the idea, it seemed the only safe choice. These men at the Black Tower, they might be able to explain this presence he felt but could never see. They had to be the safer choice …. If they had not become mad by the time he found them. He set off for a place he knew not, to a fate he wished not. 


Could it really be Saidin??? …. The thought made him shudder 






Linten has found a great change in himself since his time at the Farm. He has added weight in the form of muscle, hardened under the strict training of his Boarderlander mentor Isha. His eyes have lost their child like innocences as has his face lost it's gentle easy natured lines. But most of this is not a result of his training at the Farm. It does have to do with his knowledge of who he is now and the choices others have made because of it.



Early on Linten had still believed that the combination of strong trained channeling men linked with skillful channeling women would be what the Dragon would need in the end it they were to survive the final Great Battle. The change started slowly as he continued to hear the stories of the Red hunting those like himself. Stories that put a quiet fear in Linten and started him second guessing. That second guessing lead him to an altercation with Rion and set his feet to a harder, darker path. A path solidified at the hands of his mentor's mistake.



Isha notice that he was losing a special part of his mentee. In a miscalculated attempt to push him back to the light and the Dragon's own belief in the Aes Sedai. He broke completely Linten's trust in them and anyone he did not have a form of control over. The trip to the Borderland's was suppose to scare Linten back to the way he was when he arrived. Instead the conversation left them at odds and in the end Linten was abandoned to his own vices on the edge of the Blight. Through only the wheels turning and the creator not being done with his thread yet did he survive the ordeal.



Bitter and enraged at the horrors he faced and the man he had trusted who had turned his back on him. Linten, engravened with bitterness without a true outlet began the long journey back to the yard. It was during that journey that Linten came to hate Aes Sedai; most pointedly the Red. Though he could never be sure what color the sisters he came across where from. He knew what it meant to his life if they were to have captured him. Most times he was able to avoid contact with them and be gone before the words of unusual behavior could be spread to them. But on a couple occasions he was not so lucky and only barely escaped with his life and a silent vow that he would train them one by one to what their true place in this age was. Channeling slaves to the Dragon and the men of the Black cloth. 



On his return Linten kept a low profile and returned to his studies. His mentor had recognized that something had changed in his mentee but could not quite place it. By the time Isha figured out that change, it was too late. Linten had begun quietly to turn the minds and the attitudes of some of the men of the Farm. Dedicated, soldier, trainee, slowly his sphere of influence grew and in the process he partnered with several men to arrange for a leadership change.



Linten was shrewed in his thoughts and hungry in his desire for power. But shrewdness over powered desire when the time came for the change. Preferring the shadows where he was most comfortable in controlling the world around him he allowed Brent in the end to step forward to take that role. But Brent turned out to be softer then he had hoped when it came to the witches and stronger of will when it came to Linten's persuasion.  The differences manifesting themselves in full during the capture of an Aes Sedai raiding party. 



It was those differences and the resulting suffering he quietly inflicted on the Aes Sedai held at the Farm that finally set the rift between them. After being raised to Asha'man rank after a brutal fight between Linten and his mentor to earn the rank. Brent wasted no time using his power as Commander to assign Linten to a menial task away from the Farm and keep him away from the men that continued to arrive. Over time even with Linten's built up connections he began to lose contact with the quiet divisive group he had been building at the Farm until finally, with all communication to his group lost, Linten received a summons back to the Farm.




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