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Approved NSW bio for Assistant MoT


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NSW:  Assistant MoT


Character's name: Dragar Baras

Age:  Late 30’s

Place of Origin (must be from the mainland of Randland): Tear

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs


Physical Characteristics:  At 5’11” and 170 lbs, Dragar is more toned than thickly muscled.  His skin is well tanned, his hair is close cropped and his eyes are sharp.  His beard is oiled to a point.


Clothing, Weapons, Armor:  Dragar is a lifer in the Tower Guard so he is always seen in his brightly polished plate armor complete with cloak and tabard of a Guardsman.  His primary weapon form is sword and shield.


Brief History:


Dragar came from a modest upbringing;  his father was a blacksmith, his mother a seamstress.  Dragar had no interest in following his father’s trade so he eventually found work as a merchant’s guard.  It was as a merchant’s guard that he developed a love of ale and gambling. 


It all changed when he arrived at Tar Valon for the first time.  The Tower Guards in their splendor with full armor and bright crimson cloaks made him rush to the yards to sign up.  Dragar trained hard and became a Guardsmen.  Unlike many others, Dragar never felt the urge to become a warder instead he was intent on making a career in the Tower Guards. 


Dragar excelled in his training, his faithful service to the White Tower resulted in him rising to the rank of Bannerman at twenty five.  By his thirtieth name day he was called to prove his skill and was named a Blademaster.  His love for ale and gambling held him back from rising further up the ranks though his skill with shaping new guardsmen into serviceable veterans was well remarked.  It was this ability that landed him in the position of assistant to the Mistress of Trainees.  Dragar would have refused the position given the opportunity though he was never asked.  As ordered Dragar obediently moved into the adjacent office next to the Mistress of Trainees and the next phase of his career began.


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