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Approved BT Civie Bio for Aria Airn, CC'd by the Great Lord

Arath Faringal

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Character name: Aria Airn


A Contact Email: eric.health[@]gmail[.]com


Age: 23


Basic Physical Description: Aria is about 5'2" Blonde haired, blue eyed. She of about a medium build, slightly curvy and quite attractive.


Place/Nation of Origin: Mayne


Personality Summary/History: Aria was the daughter to a fisher in Mayne. As such she has a rougher side at times. She did however, fall in with some of the nobles daughters and they befriended her after a fashion. She was constantly dissastisfied with the life of a Fisherman and dreamt of something more. The nobility she had fallen in with fed those dreams. Even after their father found out about them and humiliated her, forbidding her to associate with his daughters, She still dreamt of something more. Beautiful for one so young, she caught the eye of a jewelry merchant's son at the age of 14. The man had had a rough childhood with his father gone and his mother murdered at 16 years of age. He was lonely and had found a companion in her. They spent the next 3 years together, until she befriended a passing Ogier from Stedding Jenshin who offered to take her to see the stedding. It was a hard descision for her but she was young and an adventure was just what she had been yearning for all those years. Taking her friend up on it she left Mayne, and her young lover behind. Years later her heart aches and she misses the man. She has returned to Mayne asking after him. Heartbroken she finds he has left, headed to andor some say. Packing her things she finds herself searching for him only to find him at the Black Tower. Now she must face her past, and her present. What he is and what he will be.


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