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White Tower Autumn Fair


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20th October to 26th October 2008


I would like to introduce you the AUTUMN FAIR of the White Tower. The Red Ajah will run this. Below is an Itinerary of the events that will take place. I have some volunteers for a few of the events already, though these need to be confirmed.  If you would like to help with anything posted below then please PM me with the item that interests you. Raising requirements can be filled by either active participating or helping out on the organisational side of the event, depending on your current status in the WT. Below is an itinery of events. Please note the dates on some of the items as there will be closing dates.


The Autumn Fair Marquee. - 20th Oct


This will be on the White Tower board and will be open to anyone on DM to participate. We will have the opening ceremony here, and then it will be a general socialising thread.


Hearty Warmers - 20th Oct


This will held on the Red Ajah. A place for all to give some recipes of some lovely warm winter warmers, now that the colder days are beginning to creep in. It will also be a place to discuss the recipes and food in general.


Banner competition


There will be a banner making competition for the Masquerade ball, which again will be held on the White Tower Board. Submission can be made from now onwards. The width of the banner can be no more that 500 pixels and the height no more than 400. So let your creativity abound in making this banner. Anyone from DM may participate in this and voting on the Banners will commence on the 23rd Otcober on the White Tower Board.


The closing date for this will be 22th October. All entries are to be PM'd to Mystica.


Harvest Festival Gallery. - 20th Oct


This will be held in the Great Hall. It will give everyone in the Ajah a chance to show off their talent, be it, drawing, art, crafting, woodwork etc.  If the items have an Autumn/Harvest theme then all the better, but this is not compulsory. In this thread I would like to avoid anything for Christmas and the Holidays.


Christmas Ideas - 20th Oct


This thread, also held in the Great Hall, will be for those of you who have some great ideas for Christmas, it can range from presents to decorations to cards, and even some delicious Christmas treats.


Halloween Mafia


This will be ran on the White Tower and will be open to all of DM. I am happy to run this game, but if there is someone out there who would love to have a go at modding then please PM me prior to 13th Oct.


Sign ups will begin on Mon 13th October and the Game will start on Mon 22nd October




This is open to anyone who wishes to give a tutorial on anything that can be made. If you wish to do this and have some ideas then please PM me and we can arrange it. This would be a great area for earning those raising points. Ideas must be put forward by Friday 16th October.


The Masquerade Ball.


This will be held on the White Tower board and will be held at the end of the fair. The Banner competition winner will have their Banner placed in the first post. If you wish you may want to create a Sig with who you have come as to the ball. This will be open to the whole of DM.


If you have any queries please contact me via PM or put them in this thread. :)


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