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Questions about this site's polls


spigots or caudrens  

114 members have voted

  1. 1. spigots or caudrens

    • spigots
    • caudrens
    • pie spoon
    • washer woman. shaped washer.

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I am not sure which section to ask this, but is there a maximum on how many options a poll can have?

If so, what is the maximum?

Most forums I have been a member of did have some limit.


With the "add poll" option, I guess it is 1 vote per person and that it runs forever and that voters cannot change their votes; are these correct?

With the "post new poll" option, I guess the limit for votes per person is 1 through number of options; is this correct?


With either poll, can we leave poll options blank?

If so, does that leave the option out of the poll?

In which case, I guess there would need to be at least 2 options; would this be correct?

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Just added a poll to this thread.

We can leave options blank.

"Add poll" option is 1 vote per person; and changing votes is not possible.  I take it does go on forever until voting is locked.

Edit:: The minimum is 2 options.


Another edit::

Posted another poll.

Leaving options blank with also that option. And 2 is still the minimum.

Enabled vote changing, yet that does not work.

Votes per person changes to number of options if set to higher, yet stays at that number when number of options changes.


An additional edit::

Clicked on the "Add Option" thing in editing both polls; had not reached maximum in either kind.  I feel the maximum number of options is unlimited for both kinds.


A clarification on vote changing: discovered "remove vote" link after voting; did not see it when making the comment.


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