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Final Duel (Attn : Ikkiliad)

Covai Seriba

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Covai twirled the twig absently between his fingers as he waited for the Dedicated to turn up. Leaning back against the trunk of the tree as he waited, Covai tilted his head back, looking up through the branches at the sky above. There were a few clouds scattered about, but it was otherwise a rather fine day.


The sound of a twig snapping brought Covai to his senses. Glancing down from his perch, he could see the the man in question at the base of the tree, some ten or twelve feet below him. Covai was about to whilst the get Ikkiliad's attention but stoped himself. Sitting himself upright, Covai used his legs to balance himself as he pulled the waterskin from his belt. Untapping it, Covai proceeded to pour the contents over the unsuspecting Mayener.


"Hey, up here!" Covai called down. Storm Leader's up in trees probably weren't the best sign of a good day, but it had become something of a habit for Covai at times like this He was about to see what the man was truly made of before his raising. Putting people off guard and in unfamiliar situations was usually a good way to do it.


"Well don't just stand there, climb up!" Covai called down again whilst the Mayener was brushing the water out of his hair. "I'll make it an order if you don't get moving!" Covai's soft threat was serious. Light, he could order the man to walk around on his hands if he had now. "Hmm... not a bad idea actually..." Covai mused to himself. He'd have to try that one on a pesky soldier someday.


Watching in amusement, Covai guessed it had been a while since the man had climbed a tree. The Black Robe of the Tower probably didn't help either. Grinning to himself as he waited, Covai was thankful for the tunic and leggins he was wearing.


Shuffling around to a free branch, Covai nodded for the Dedicated to do the same. "So Ikkiliad, I hear you've grasped most of what you're been shown in your classes. Its good to hear. But I've called you out here for something different today."


Covai stretched a little, letting the breeze blowing through the leaves break the conversation for a while before continuing. "But despite being able to channel, knowing how to bend Saidin to your will and make it do as you will, there's something else you need before being raised." Covai looked the Dedicated in the eye. "Why do you want to be an Asha'man? Are you here because you're afraid of the taint? Do you seek power? Or is there something you want to protect?"


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Do you know what the problem with forests is? Every part of it looks like another part you just went through. Storm Leader Covai had told Ikki to meet him in the south forest. He hadn't been any more specific than that, which was rather unhelpful. he had been meandering about for quite a while, unable to find any trace of the Storm Leader. He nearly jumped out of his skin as some very cold water fell on his head. Arms flailing, he embraced the Source by reflex, then heard a voice.


"Hey, up here!"


He peered up to see Covai standing on a branch quite a ways up the tree. You knew something was wrong when you find Storm Leaders up in trees. Something very wrong. Like the fact he was expected to climb the tree. He could not recall a time when he had to climb a tree, nor would he have voluntarily. His first few futile attempts got him nowhere, so he cut himself hand and footholds in the tree with razors of air. He still had no skill at climbing, but he managed to make it up. He settled on a branch and Covai started to talk. It was an odd topic which turned into awkward as Covai looked Ikki right in the eye.


"Why do you want to be an Asha'man? Are you here because you're afraid of the taint? Do you seek power? Or is there something you want to protect?"


He had never really thought about that before. It has more or less been thrust upon him. "I never really thought about it. I suppose the Taint has something to do with it. I suppose I'm here to help people, to be a Guardian, as our name says. I would really love to Heal people, as the Aes Sedai that Healed me did."


OOC: This is before the Sheinar RP so he can be raised as a result of it, if that's ok.

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Of course he hadn't heard it. He rarely told it because the subject rarely came up. "Well, I was born crippled, totally unable to use my legs. I was like that for many of my younger years, so I took to reading. I was about 12 when an Aes Sedai came to Mayene. She was Yellow Ajah and from what I heard, she always went around Healing whoever she could. I was brought to see her and she fixed my legs up so I could walk. I still wasn't very strong, but I could walk. "


Ikki paused a minute before continuing. "I suppose that's a large part of why I have so much trouble with running laps. Even after I could walk, I had grown so used to being indoors and studying that I didn't care to change. I kept that up for over ten years before I came here."

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Covai nodded. "Fair enough." He had heard the story before. He had to admit it was rare for an Asha'man, but it had happened. "You're laps are only part of the training. It's time to see how the rest of it has gone."


Straightening himself, Covai hooked his leg firmly around the tree branch under him before shifting his weight to the side. Grabbing another branch as he dropped, Covai proceeded monkey swing his way down from the tree. Landing in a crouch, Covai was pleased to see Ikki wasn't having too much trouble climbing his way down. He wasn't too impressed at the foot holes he had carved though. It took all the fun of it things.


Leading the Dedicated back towards the path, Covai spoke whilst dodging branches. "You mentioned the taint earlier. Thats not why we exist. I'll admit it a part of it.." Covai paused, holding back a branch as he waited for the man to catch up. "..but not all. We exsit for the Dragon to use at the Last Battle, Tar'Mon'Gaidon. We'll be the first, and last of the defenders against the shadow. Think about that as we walk."


Leaving the man to his thoughts, Covai led him to the training grounds. Fortunately it was lunch time, so the grounds were mostly clear. "Alright, here we are." Covai patted Ikkiliad's shoulder. "Healing is a noble goal, and one you'd be right to follow, but before that opportunity arrises, you need to be able to defend those you would heal."


Taking a twenty steps or so, Covai turned around to face his partner, seizing Saidin as he did, pushing the sickening effects of the taint to the side has he focused. "Come at me as you will. I want to see the weapon you've become. You'll need to become a blade for the Dragon before you can become a tonic for a healer."


OOC: Have fun. Covai will just counter the first few attacks before responding. It will be light at first, but growing with intensity. After all, this is your last test before Asha'man :D

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Ikki pondered as Covai spoke. It all made sense, but one part in particular struck him.


You'll need to become a blade for the Dragon before you can become a tonic for a healer.


He imagined himself as a sword. He saw the handle, wrapped in leather. He saw the blade, sharpened to perfection. Then he saw the hilt. A thought ran through his mind. Every sword has a hilt. Comparing it to the Black Tower as a whole, he was that hilt. The stronger men were the blade, doing all the damage. There were men like the M'hael and Covai himself who were the handle, directing the blade. And then there was the hilt, protecting the hand that wields it. He was the hilt.


Ikki mentally prepared to attack. He had heard the legendary skill at dueling Covai possessed. Examining the possibilities, he embraced the Source. Ice and fire rushed through his body and he wove. Dazzling displays of light, much like an Illuminator's firworks, launched at Covai. Thunderclaps sounded around him. The ground shook around the Storm Leader and it started to rain. In hopes of disorienting Covai, he wove Fire and earth and the ground erupted in showers of fire and dirt before trying to shield the man.

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Not bad... Covai mused as he slammed his own threads of earth into the ground infront of him. Sending the shockwave infront of him, Covai let his own attack split Ikkiliad's to either side. As he spread his feet, Covai formed a barrier of air and fire infront of himself, protecting him from the dust and keeping his vision clear. A blade of spirit slashed an early attempt to shield him from the source. It was a vain move so early in a duel, but Covai had to admit he hadn't expected it so soon. It was alway a bit tricky dealing with these duels. Too little effort and the Dedicated wouldn't be pushed. Too much though.... Well suffice to say Covai already knew the answer to that.


Taking the offensive, the Storm Leader raised his hand and sent a stream of fireballs sweaping towards the Dedicated's position. The man's shield wasn't large, but it blocked those the came to close for comfort. Even with the odd shockwave from the lights earlier, Saidin enhanced Covai's senses could still make out his opponent across the battered field. The man could wield multiple weaves well, so all that was left was to test his strength.


Pulling his hand hand into a fist by his side, Covai narrowed his focus as he pulled threads of earth, fire, and air into a sphere infront of him. He knew telegraphing his moves like this was bad, but there was enough distance and dust between them to buy him the time he needed.


A break in the rythmn was all the Storm Leader needed. Slamming his foot down as he trust his first forward, a concentrated lance of earth and fire screamed towards Ikkiliad's position. Covai had focused it into a narrower spread then the usual ring of earth and fire all Asha'man learned. Combined with the air and the narrowed margin, its power was increased at the cost of accuracy. He held onto what he could of the weave, but it's speed and distance meant it was more of a token guesture. Still, if Ikkiliad didn't shield himself very well or jump out of the way, at least he might be able to tweak it so it only took a limb instead of his life.


OOC: Sorry about the wait. Hope this gives you something interesting to work with.


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Disappointment showed across Ikki's face as his distractions were easily shook off and his shield cut. The Storm Leader had certainly earned his title. He quickly wove a shield laced heavily with Water to block the plethora of fireballs flying his direction. They bounced off easily and Ikki was engrossed with what Covai was weaving. It was a deadly looking weave, altered to be strong, but inaccurate. His mind raced to find a clever idea. However, it was coming too fast. He merely rolled out of the way, kicking up a small cloud of dust as a meager attempt at cover.


Picking himself up, he quickly plotted his next move. He dotted the area around Covai with various wards, many which would give him a strong electric shock when entered. Weaving fire, he sent a swarm of fiery darts towards his target, then wove a band of air around Covai's ankle and pulled upward, hoping to turn him upside down.

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Part of the Storm Leader was glad his previous attack had missed, the other part of him was glad though to see he hadn't escaped unharmed. The attack had still hit him on the left side, and even if was only dust and shrapnel pulled along by the attack the damage had been done. The man's robe was tattered and Covai was sure he was bleeding in at least a few spots. The Mayener wasn't the strongest channeler at the tower, but he had a good head on his shoulders and played to what he knew. It would give him a better chance to make it than on brute strength alone. Giving him a chance to recover instead of finishing him off, Covai waited as the Dedicated set wards about the field.


Raising his hand, a shield of air and fire countered the firey darts sent at him. Most used water in their shields, but the elements was far by Storm Leader's weakness. Instead he had learnt fire could be used to draw heat out of objects as well. It took a little more skill, but a lot less strength for him to do. Light, he even used a weaker variation as a ward to help keep the Inn's cellar cool during the hot months.


Covai slashed Ikkiliad's band of air with one of his own as he started to loose his balance. He was annoyed the man had gotten so close, but couldn't help but let a grin reach lips. "I'll have to remember the one later..."


Bringing his focus back in line, Covai merely waited for Dedicated to make another move. He had passed as far as Storm Leader was concerned, but as with all other training at the Black Tower, the man had to be pushed that final extra step.


"Come Ikkiliad, there's got to be another round left in you. Lets see what else you can do!" Covai braced his legs apart and awaited the final challange. He'd hold nothing back in defending himself, but wanted to get an final picture of what the Mayener was capable of before handing the Dragon Pin over.


OOC: Congratulations mate. Consider the RP done in terms of requirements, so you can either wrap the RP up now if Ikkiliad's tired out (quite possible since he's more of a healer), or just have one last blast for fun  ;) Either way, enjoy your future RPs as an Asha'man!  ;D


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It had been so close. He wobbled, but then cut it. Ikki tried to not let disappointment show. He was slightly shocked when the Storm Leader called out a challenge. Then it clicked that this was essentially a test and he wanted to see how strong Ikki was. He pondered the strongest weaves he knew he could do without messing it up horribly. There were many good weaves, but there were several he seemed to be unable to weave with any proficiency.


He narrowed it down to two weaves, but he could only do one or the other. He decided on Heat Wave. Filling himself with saidin to the fullest possible, he poured all of it into Fire. The temperature around him began to rise drastically. He saw the grass around him drying up and even burning. Let's see Covai break out of this.

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