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Where's Narishma

Matrim DeLaneous

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I queried Narishma's name in the forum <Search> but didn't see any reference to the following:


REFERENCE:  KOD's, pg 450 "Within the Stone"


BACKGROUND: After Traveling with his possy to the Heart of the Stone, and after looking at the hole in the stone slab that once contained Calandor, Rand thinks to himself...


However the Prophesies meant the man was to follow him, Narishma was otherwise occupied today


As I'm re-reading KOD's for the 1st time, I'm not 100% certain if the answer to this question should already be known or if it is answered later on, but my recollection is that it is not.



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I think it's because Narishma was with his Aes Sedai talking to the rebel Aes Sedai about Rand's deal at the time.

Remember, the bonding between Asha'man and Aes Sedai (because Taim had ordered Asha'man to bond the Tower Aes Sedai against their will) so Rand decided to even it out and let an equal number of Asha'man be bonded. 

Narishma was sent to tell them, it was in the next chapter Call to a Sitting page 535.


Anyways, that's what I think.

I just finished reading that part so I think that's the reason he said "Narishma was otherwise occupied today".

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