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(Moved from Tinker DG) The Song: Volume 2 Edition 2

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Page 9


Literary Works


Poem (Safia al-Maaz)


To His Love

William Shakespeare


SHALL I compare thee to a summer's day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And summer's lease hath all too short a date;

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,

And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

By chance, or nature's changing course, untrimm'd.


But thy eternal summer shall not fade,

Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;

Nor shall Death brag thou wanderest in his shade,

When in eternal lines to time thou growest:—

So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.


Book Review (Talya)


Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte


This story follows the life of a girl, Jane Eyre, in nineteenth century Britain. It begins when she is ten years old and lives with her Aunt and Uncle. Her Uncle dies and her Aunt and cousins resent her, so much so that she is sent to a Charity School, which is run by a cruel clergyman, Mr. Brocklehurst. He embezzles the money for the school to keep his luxurious lifestyle and, as a result, a typhus epidemic goes through the school, killing a number of the children. The school is rescued by rich donators and we find Jane teaching at the school eight years later. But she wants something more out of life and advertises as a governess.


She is then hired by the housekeeper of Thornfield to teach a nice, but spoiled, French girl. She eventually meets her employer, the enigmatic Mr. Edward Rochester. Mr. Rochester is quite taken with Jane and often asks for her company. After hearing cries of laughter, Jane sees smoke coming from Rochester and finds the bed curtains on fire. Dowsing them out she saves his life. But this isn’t the only strange thing that occurs. A guest of Mr Rochester is attacked and screams are heard in the night. This puts Jane at unease, but she still accepts Rochester’s proposal of marriage. But things were not to go as planned and, feeling as though she could never be Mr. Rochester’s equal, she leaves Thornfield.


Her fortunes in the meantime change as she discovers she has been left a small fortune, which was hidden from her by her Aunt out of spite. She eventually heads back to Thornfield only to find it burnt down and vacated.


This is a romance, but not your Mills and Boon type romance. It is criticizing the social structures of that time. Jane is not a woman that follows the expectations of the age, and the fact that she wants to be equal in a relationship rather than subservient shows this.

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Page 8

(Safia al-Maaz)


Blueberry Shakes



-several scoops of ice cream

-milk to taste (if you like thick shakes add less, more is you like smoother shakes)

-1 cup of blueberries (more or less, I just throw them in to taste)


-Put ice cream in the blender

-pour in milk

-blend together to desired texture

-add blueberries

-dish out and serve!


Serves up to four people.


Summer Nights


Nights with family.

We sit on the porch just to

enjoy company.


Firelight from lamps,

the smells of warm fresh-cut grass,

laughter from neighbors.


Stars are twinkling.

The warmth from the day washes

over our faces.


Lightning bugs flashing,

Cicadas humming their tunes,

Bats fluttering high.


Night birds sing their songs.

Nocturnal creatures begin

their night's rituals.


Perfect summer nights,

Made of such simple pleasures,

Cannot be replaced.


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Page 7


Traveling with the Mahdi Pt. 1: Hatchie Bottom and Hickory Flat (Poledra Sedai)


In north Mississippi, in a small farmer’s community, things look very different in Hatchie Bottom than they did sixty years ago. The old home places are all gone except for a couple here and there, the trees have been cleared away where children and parents used to play and walk, and the fields that yielded ripe blackberries have been replaced by hog pens, soybean fields, and corn fields. The only thing that remains the same is a couple of houses and Hatchie Bottom Creek. Hickory Flat is more preserved than its cousin village, but not many of its people remember how life was growing up back in the 1940s.


On May 30, I took a trip to these quaint little places with my Papaw (George Douglas Young), better known around those areas as G. D. Young. He remembers life back then in these two, small towns because he grew up there and a few other places. To us, life seems harsh in those times, but my papaw wouldn’t have it any other way. His father, George Dewey Young, worked at the sawmill most of the time. When we think of a mill, we picture a big paper mill with huge towers that emit all kinds of gases. However, back then a mill would move twenty or thirty miles once they cleared a certain area of land and made what they needed. Many families had to move around because of this, and my papaw’s family was one of them. I was finally lucky enough to see the places where many of his childhood tales – including walking uphill both ways, of course! – originated from, and this is my story of it for all of you.


The first place we visited was Ebenezer Church Cemetery to see where Papaw’s mother is buried. She died of stomach cancer in the mid 1940s when he was 15 years old. We didn’t stay there very long. Just enough to switch out the flowers, sign the guest book, and for Papaw to have one of his “Naturals.” Every time we stopped, he just had to get another Natural Light to drink. After that we headed on out to Hatchie Bottom, which was on the way to Lebanon Baptist Church so I could see more of where my family is buried.


On the way to Hatchie, Papaw showed me where one of the old schoolhouses used to be. There’s a trailer sitting there, now, and you couldn’t tell anything else had ever been there with the way it looked. It looked as if they had just cleared the land 5 years ago and had sod placed on the area to clean it up. The other schoolhouse is still there, but it’s being used for political polls and voting, now. Papaw remembered playing in the schoolyard with a friend once. They had made a house out of tumbleweeds during recess, but suddenly they realized it was quiet outside. The bell had rung and they hadn’t hear it, so when they came in late to class the teacher switched them for punishment!


At the schoolhouse, they would sell box lunches, too. Once, these two men got into an argument over who had bought the most boxes. They were known as the richest people in Hatchie Bottom, but were still poor compared to the rest of the outside world. One man, the bigger and taller of the two, jumped on the other one and started beating him on the ground while all the others were eating their box lunches. The smaller man just happened to be carrying his .38 pistol that day and managed to pull it out and shoot and kill the other man. Papaw said his mom and dad had to testify as witnesses at the court case, but he was let go because it was in self-defense. After that, he moved further out from Hatchie Bottom because he wasn’t that popular with the folks around there anymore. I don’t see how after that that they’d still use that schoolhouse anymore, though. I’d have been scared to step foot in it after that mess!


This is the same schoolhouse where Papaw’s dad would drive the school wagon or school bus. The road was just red clay with ruts, and when it rained, it was slick. One hill was steep and it was hard to get over in the wagon or the bus. All the kids would get out and try to help push the wagon over the hill, but if they couldn’t get it over the hill they didn’t have to go to school that day. I wish it were that simple today! In the winter, which would be the only season they would have shoes, Papaw says that his mother would put burning coals in a bundle for each of the kids (2 sisters and 2 brothers) to put under their feet to keep them from getting cold. When they got the school bus, his dad built a little place in the center of it where he would put hot rocks in there and place sand around the metal box so the children could prop their feet on it. A lot of the times, the kids didn’t have to ride in the school wagon or bus if they didn’t want to. Often they would get out and walk behind it. One time they were walking behind it with an epileptic boy and he had a fit in the middle of the road, and Papaw said it nearly scared him and the rest of the kids half to death! Also, by their house, there was a hill where the road was dangerous to cross and they would all get out of the wagon and walk behind it until it was across it. I think after all that I would rather have walked to school from home.




This is where the house used to be. Just to the right you can see where the hog pens are. That is where the old barn used to be. To the left, by the clump of trees, the road starts to get steeper, but that area is rather flat compared to the rest of the hill. That was the road to the house and it is now grown up. As you can see, there’s now a soybean field in front of it that used to be just land. The picture to the left is the wooden bridge, recently reinforced with steel, over Hatchie Bottom Creek (picture link). This is where they would all go skinny-dipping, catch catfish, and take baths. Papaw said that they would swing out (this vine is probably where to old rope is link) and dive in. When the creek was low, they would all dig out the dirt to where they could stand up safely without showing the world their business. When they wanted to catch catfish, they didn’t need a pole and a hook – they caught them with their hands. Catfish try to burrow in the ground and love their backs rubbed. Papaw says they would gently rub their backs until they worked their way up to their gills before they would grab them and yank them out of their holes. I was hoping to see some catfish when I was there, but sadly, I didn’t even see the first fish even if the water was so low you could see the bottom!


Once, one boy heard that Papaw’s sisters, Ivell and Evelyn, were going to the creek to take a bath. He followed them down the road to the creek and they knew it. By the time he caught up with them at the creek, they had already picked switches and beat him with them until he ran off. He didn’t bother them anymore! After that, we went up the hill to Lebanon Baptist Church to see where Grandpa Young (grave link) is buried. He was the one who donated the land for the cemetery and church and owned a bit of Hatchie Bottom, including the land for the house back to the creek. After that, we made our way to Hickory Flat.




When we got to the school on main street, we noticed there was a lot of traffic on the road after we pulled in the drive. We looked at the school since Papaw had once gone to school there, although the main building was the only thing there when he attended it. Then we looked to see the traffic still hadn’t passed by us. After a few moments, we realized they were going slow for cars – and saw that it was a bunch of people on wagons and horseback parading down main street! I didn’t have time to get a picture of the beginning of it, but I did get most of it from behind. No one that we spoke to knew what the special occasion was, but we figured it had something to do with the auction going on at the old antique store. Papaw had lived in the second story of that antique store when the mill moved again.


Next to the antique store is a little building that was once a little general store. Once, Papaw and his brother Junior had taken two little metal toy cars from the shelf and walked out with them. They were so poor they couldn’t even afford the little five-to-ten-cent toys. By the time they got to the end of the block, the store manager had chased them down and made them return the cars to the shelf where they found them. “Thankfully he didn’ tell Momma ’bout what we had done! We’d a sure woulda had a whoopin’ if he did.”




There wasn’t much more that we looked at in Hickory Flat, so after we left there we headed to Corinth, Mississippi to see Ivell in the nursing home and our cousin Abe. I have heard people talk about Abe’s Grill and knew it had a good reputation worldwide for making “real good ole country food that puts Cracker Barrel to shame” - but I didn’t know he was my cousin! I had heard Papaw talk about the Grill a couple of times, but I thought that was just because he ate there once. I was amazed when Abe came up and said, “I recognize the camper, but who are you? Are you one of George’s?” He was awesome! When we were inside, he gave me a free bottle of coke to drink – in a glass bottle! I absolutely love glass bottled Cokes! Before we left, he noticed I was going to keep my empty bottle, so he gave me a free 100th Coke Anniversary 1907-2007 glass bottle to take home. He also gave me a bottle of his spice he created over 30 years ago to eat on french fries, but he said it could be used on anything, really. In his restaurant, there were license plates from all over the states. There’s also a bunch of autographed celebrity posters and pictures from the celebrities who ate there! Donald Trump, Elvis Presley’s publisher is almost considered a regular, Backstreet Boys, and many more – including Alice Cooper in ’87! I had to get a picture of that, and I’m using it as my phone screensaver, now.


After that, there wasn’t much that I can really talk about. We visited with Ivell, I had my first “slug” burger, and we headed home. On the way back, we traveled up most of the Natchez Trace since I hadn’t been on that in so long. Last time I was on it I was maybe nine or ten and we traveled on it during the night so I don’t remember much. In the next edition, I’ll show you all of the different places we stopped to look at – including Witch Dance, French Camp, and Cowles Mead Cemetery. Thanks for reading the story of my Papaw's history. Next time I’ll tell a little about the U.S. history!




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Page 6


Things to do in the Summer (Talya)


As things warm up, what better place to head than to the beach? To lie soaking up the sun, lazing the day away relaxing, it couldn’t get better than that. Though make sure you take your sun screen to protect yourself from the rays. Most beaches have a café to buy refreshments, or, if you prefer, you can take your own and have a picnic on the beach. When things get a little too hot, then just cool yourself down by a dip in the sea. Make sure the kids take a bucket and spade! Building sandcastles is such fun, and if you have no kids it's fun to build in the sand. too; just be a big kid again. If you’re not big on the sun, go in the evening with some friends and have a beach party, if the local authority allows.


If you’re feeling more adventurous go out in a yacht. This can be on the sea, river or lake. Have fun learning new skills on a sailing boat, sure to add a few laughs to you and your friends. Lifejackets are always a must, and most marinas will insist on it. If you are feeling like just relaxing on the ocean waves, then hire someone to do the hard work for you, whilst you sit back with a cool drink in your hand. Maybe even try and catch your own fish by going on a fishing trip, there is always someone willing to teach you if you have never done it before.


For those that like the thrills, hire a jet ski and whizz around the bays. Or maybe even a bit of water skiing. Most large beaches will have places where these can be hired out. Not only is it fun, but it’s sure to be entertaining for your friends as they watch you trying to master this new skill.


For those wishing to travel further afield and wanting the nightlife as well as the hot sunny days then Ibiza is the place to go. This party island off the coast of Spain is definitely for the young and young-hearted. You can sunbathe all day and party all night at some of the top clubs in Europe.


If you want to do nothing and have everything at your fingertips as well as visit many different countries or places, then take a cruise. It has everything you could ever need on board. Take in the sights and sounds of the Caribbean without having to do the work. Or maybe a cultural cruise around the Mediterranean visiting the ancient sites and cites along its coastline.


The summer is the time for everyone to get and enjoy themselves, and I’m sure if you look hard enough you will always find things that you enjoy.


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Page 5


Music Mania (Eclipse0)


Present Tense - Pearl Jam


Eddie Vedder - Vocals

Stone Gossard - Guitar

Mike McCready - Guitar

Jeff Ament - Bass

Jack Irons - Drums


Alternative / Experimentalism / Classical Rock


This song is from Pearl Jam's fourth album, No Code, released in 1996. It is a transitional album and a break from their typical Punk / Grunge genre. The album as a whole is much more spiritual and mature. It gets away from the rage and angst of their previous works. The addition of Jack Irons on drums helped to gel everyone together and keep the musical creativity at it's highest level.


This song starts very slow and has a calming tone to it. It's very reflective on Nature and Spirituality and mankind's connection with both, very fitting for a Tinker. It then becomes introspective and delves into the inner psyche. It has been a huge inspiration to me when overcoming a depressing situation.


The song picks up speed at the end after the lyrics are finished. It's kind of a jump start to your heart and brain. After it takes you through this journey of contemplation, the music wakes you up and tells you now to go out and act upon your newfound inspiration.



Do you see the way that tree bends?

Does it inspire?

Leaning out to catch the suns rays,

A lesson to be applied.

Are we getting something out of this,

All encompassing trip?


You can spend your time alone

Re-digesting past regrets, oh.

Or you can come to terms and realize

You're the only one who can forgive yourself, oh.

Makes much more sense

To live in the present tense.


Have you ideas on how this life ends,

Checked your hands and studied the lines?

Have you the believe that the road ahead,

Ascends off into the Light?


It's that needlessly it's getting harder,

To find an approach and a way to live

Are we getting something out of this,

All encompassing trip?


You can spend your time alone

Re-digesting past regrets, oh.

Or you can come to terms and realize

You're the only one who can not forgive yourself, oh.

Makes much more sense

To live in the present tense.


I'm going to put an NSFW rating on the music video since it's a live version and Eddie likes to change things up in concert and happens to drop the F bomb once or twice. I do love his comments about the song before they begin, however.




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Page 4


Tinker Quiz (Poledra Sedai)


This is a general knowledge quiz about what is going on in the Tinkers! There will be ten to fifteen questions in each edition and each one will vary in difficulty. Congratulations to Safia al-Maaz for correctly answering the questions to the last quiz! She received two DG points for her prize. Here are the answers:


1.) Who is our newest member? Eclipse0

2.) What was the name of the poem in the last edition? The Fall of the Leaf

3.) Which position is the only one not taken? Shatayan

4.) Name a 1-point task and a 2-point task and do them. 1 - desert recipe, 2 - 4+ stanza haiku, see page 8 for answers

5.) Who celebrated their birthdays recently? Simon and Poledra

6.) How old are they now? 16 and 18

7.) Which ORG that we visited mentioned a feast involving rum cake? The Kin

8.) With which ORG did we have a snowball fight? The Ogier

9.) Who nailed stuff down in the Seanchan? Silver

10.) Which Tinker(s) was raised to Shain’din? Lord of the Dawn and Simon

11.) What does Rahien Dore mean? Shain’din/Shain’dar? Souvra a’Shain? Dawn Dancer, Peace Brother/Sister, and Soul of Peace

12.) What is the title of the person who reports for the Wolfkin? Seer


Here are this edition’s questions:


1.) Who are our newest members?

2.) Which Tinker earned the highest amount of points this past season?

3.) What is the name of the new Tuatha’an game?

4.) How many songs in a round are in the game?

5.) Who led the discussion on the campaign?

6.) Who led the what-if scenario discussion?

7.) Who led the relationship discussion?

8.) Which ORG did the Tuatha’an start their Caravan Trip back up with?

9.) Which SGer ate Talya?

10.) Which ORG is the Tuatha’an currently visiting?

11.) What even is held at the Tinkers once a year in July?


PM your answers to Poledra Sedai; the first person with the correct answers will win two DG points! If not all of the questions are answered, the person with the most correct answers will win one DG point.


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Page 3


News (Poledra Sedai)


Raisings and New Tuatha’an


The Tuatha’an would like to give a heartfelt welcome to their newest members, TalyaRahlian, and Jelly. Welcome to our caravans, everyone!


Eclipse0 deserves to be congratulated for reaching the rank of Shain’din!


Talya was raised to the rank of Shain’dar for her many achievements. Congratulations!


Safia al-Maaz reached the rank of Shain'dar for her participation in the Tuatha'an. Way to go!


Hard Earned Points


Eclipse0 submitted a new column for the newsletter last edition and submitted a second one for this edition. He was awarded two points each for those, but also participated in a couple of discussions, helped the DG, wrote a haiku, and participated in the visit to Shayol Ghul for a total of 12 points. Congrats, Eclipse0!


Lord of the Dawn was awarded 2 points for leading a discussion about the presidential campaign. We can’t wait for your next topic!


Rahlian was awarded 1 point for participating in Poledra Sedai’s What-If Scenario discussion. Thanks for adding your thoughts!


Talya was awarded 2 points for participating in the discussions and another 2 points for visiting Shayol Ghul. She also received another 2 points for starting her own discussion about relationships and submitted two articles for The Song for a total of 10. We really appreciated your company and ideas!


Simon the half-demon was awarded 3 points for accompanying us on the Shayol Ghul trip and participating in the relationship discussion, as well. That just goes to prove that laziness doesn’t always prevail!


Safia al-Maaz won 2 points for correctly answering the quiz questions. She also received 2 points for submitting the poem featured in this edition of The Song. Safia was also awarded an extra 3 points for her task submissions in the quiz, featured on page 8, for a total of 7 points.


*Remember that one of your ways to earn points is by submitting articles to Poledra Sedai to be placed in The Song! These articles must relate to the Tuatha’an in some way. It does not matter if that means telling about a trip, history of a certain dance, a hidden inspiration of a song, or about the Tuatha’an in general. Two articles may be submitted per edition with two points for each. So get those creative juices flowing!


Latest Events


The Wolfkin visited the Tuatha’an on March 24. Many pouncings, dunks, and licks commenced with this fun-filled pack bounding around our wagons! The Tinkers and the Wolfkin swapped chili for cookies that day, resulting in new friends and new Tinkers. The neighbors thought the howling and music would never end! Just like old times!


The Caravan Trip around Dragonmount started moving its wheels along the boards again on June 1. Their first stop was at Shayol Ghul and many of the Tuatha’an braved coming out of their wagons to try to be friendly with the rampaging Shadowspawn, Black Ajah, and Dreadlords. Eclipse0, Talya, Poledra Sedai, Simon the half-demon, and even our Honorary Gleeman Grandpa G showed up! On the 15th of June, the Tinkers pulled their tattered wagons out of the pits of Shayol Ghul and on to the highlight of Randland, the White Tower! Poledra Sedai, Eclipse0, Talya, and Grandpa G


On July 3rd, the Tuatha’an started their 2nd Annual 4th of July Ball. Once again, the wagons were filled with the fragrance of dozens of food and drink, earthy bonfire smoke, song, and laughter as everyone danced the week away! Once again they held a Poem Contest and a Song Contest with Poledra judging the poetry and Talya judging the songs. Eclipse, Grandpa G, and Loreina submitted some beautiful and funny poems, but Eclipse won first place in the poetry division with his poem Tea for Two Thousand. Loreina and Poledra submitted some gorgeous melodies to the Song  Contest, but Loreina took first place with her Song of the Wheel. Congrats to the both of you! Your accomplishments will be featured in the next edition of the Hornsounder. We hope to see you next year!

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Page 2


Words from the Mahdi (Poledra Sedai)


Welcome once again to my fire, Tuatha’an!


All of you have been pretty active, and that makes me proud. You have kept some discussions alive and you are straining your music library for the Theme Song Game. That really puts a smile on my face because it lets me know I’m doing something right with the Tuatha’an.


I must admit I am sorry for keeping our travels on hold. When I finally found time to start it back up again, the next ORG was in the middle of a leadership change. I had to wait for that to settle itself before I could ask permission, but I found that once again I didn’t have the time for it. I’m terribly sorry that it was so late. Another thing that keeps bugging me is that I can’t help to clean up the place yet. I still haven’t gotten an answer from Kathana or anyone else, so I can’t unsticky those old, old threads, yet! I hope that I can get a response soon. Hopefully that is being taken care of as I speak, though. So have no fear, Wonder D--- oh wait... :P


I was thrilled to listen to Grandpa G’s stories once again. It’s nice to have a gleeman come around to our caravans every once in a while! The last one left me inspired to start my writing back up again. Writing is one of the few things that makes me truly happy, and Lady Happiness wandered away from me when I came down with a case of writer’s block again. Thankfully, Grandpa G helped her find her way back to me. Thank you, Gramps! *hugs*


Once again, I’m really proud of how active you guys are being. Plus, we’re pulling in visitors again and that means more members. One of the other things that will bring Lady Happiness and me closer together is if I can bring the Tuatha’an back to their former glory in the Dragonmount Community. I’d give my most colorful scarf away if that’s what I have to do - and I’m really rather attached to it...


Well, night has descended on us and my fire’s starting to die down. The crickets are chirping and it seems the frogs are out tonight as well. Calling for rain, no doubt. So let’s go pack everything up before the rain gets here and relax the rest of the night. Until the next time I start up my fire, take care!

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Page 1




Welcome, Tuatha'an, to the second volume’s second edition of The Song! The Song is a quarterly newspaper released on the first day of each new season, and this is the summer edition. The latest news, poems, information, editorials by various members, songs, and book reviews go into each edition just for you! It is a newspaper for the Tinkers and by the Tinkers!


This edition will feature many great things. Sit back and enjoy a chat with Poledra Sedai in Words from the Mahdi on Page 2. The latest news, new members, and points are featured on page three. Try your wits at the Tinker quiz on page four! Sing along with Eclipse0 in the Music Mania section on page five. Find ways to spend your summer break from school with Talya on page six. On page seven, discover the deep Mississippi roots of Poledra Sedai as she tells about her trip. Enjoy a recipe and a poem by our very own Safia al-Maaz on page eight. And last but not least, check out the literary works found on page nine, which includes the poem by Safia al-Maaz and book review by Talya! Have a good summer!

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