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RP partners needed (attn ALL and Corwin)


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I was thinking that Corwin and Eqwina could be headed toward Caemlyn from somewhere around the blight….(Eqwina had been instructed to carry a message to Arafel). They get trapped by a particularly harsh winter up north. They take refuge in what they thought to be an abandoned farm. Come to find out there were still people inside, sick. Eqwina offers healing, but even with her skill they still die (aka she kills them) The bodies are placed out back in the old tack shed.


Somehow another sister comes to the house…(how?) she discovers the bodies and asks questions. Not wanting to be found out as Black Ajah Eqwina decides to kill said sister and her warder. She makes the mistake of killing the sister first and the warder goes mad (as they do) and he tries to kill her in a very over the top and dramatic way(???) and just in the nick of time Corwin saves her. *trumpets sound* That will be when Eqwina begins to see the use of having a warder...as more than just a play thing that is.


Needed 1 TPC sister and her warder who are willing to die or the cause ;) and perhaps even the family members that get killed, though they are not as necessary..oh yeah and myself and Corwin.


RP Name: Death in Winter


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Ooooo, I like special, special is happy. And then you post tomorow, I post, and you have a whole month of not having to worry about me bugging you ;D


And I've actually read the thread, and I'd be willing to play as many sisters and innocant victems as you need, but I would love for you to PM me (or have Joe tell me on MSN) what exactly you're looking for. And the fact that I'm going away for a month might put a damper on that. I may be able to post once or twice in the middle of that month but no garuntees.

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