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Shadow Rises



Shadow Rises is a WoT based Rp site that starts right before the Last Battle begins, the Dragon Reborn is killed by the Dark One and the Father of Lies is loosed upon the world. The Shadow has advanced on and overtaken Tar Valon only to be trapped by the power of a barrier created by the Choedan Kal. The Blight has moved further south than ever, moving past Tar Valon by several miles.


The Black Tower is moved north of Caemlyn and a new city emerges around it. Both Aes Sedai and Asha'man work together in Klans to fight the Dark One and his minions. The Legion of the Dragon has been reformed into a true military force from members of the decimated Band of the Red Hand and original Legionnaires.


The site is designed to be a free flowing experience and its members determine the site history through roleplaying. The short history below is just the beginning of what we hope will be a great fan based story.



An Age has come and past, The Dragon was Reborn and fighting to rid the world of the Dark One but he failed at the Last Battle. The Shadow had won in part though severely weakened; being free of his prison, He had killed the Dragon during his final stroke of his bonds and moved slowly south to claim everything for himself. The land became cloaked in darkness as the Dark One had his way with the world.


An Age has come and passed. The Dragon had been Reborn into this Age and was fighting to save the world from the Dark One. Time moved swiftly towards the Last Battle and events caught up to the Dragon Reborn. He had everything planned to the end, everything but the Dark One’s power and hatred for his prison. As they fought in the bowels of Shayol Ghul, the Dragon linked to half of the channelers at the Battle, the Dark One drew deeply from the True Source and lashed out at the Dragon killing him and stilling all linked to him. Doing so also weakened the Great Lord and bought time for the survivors. Their numbers decimated by the final stroke of the Dark One the survivors Traveled to the Black Tower where the Dragon had hidden their last hope.


Always hoping for the best the Dragon also planned for the worst. During the last few months before the Last Battle he had groups of Aes Sedai and Asha’man both travel to the island of Tremalking and to Cairhien. To the Choedan Kal, the sa’angreal that were used to cleanse saidin. They had been destroyed then but, the Dragon wanted to know if there was a way to rebuild them or recreate them altogether. Using a circle of over a hundred Aes Sedai and Asha’man the dangerous work of rebuilding the Choedan Kal began. The work was successful and four additional keys where made, just like the first two, two male, two female. One precaution was taken to ensure the Shadow could never use the Choedan Kal. Woven into the very essence of these new keys where wards to prevent any touched by the Shadow to touch them. As they could not be destroyed absolutely the original keys were….broken in a way to make them unusable to any. Those who tried to use them only received sharp pains in their mind for as long as they stayed connected and the inability to move for several hours afterwards. It was to those four keys that the survivors of the Last Battle fled to now. Only they didn’t know how they should use them......



If the Great Lord was linked to the True Source and fought back, would the clash of the two awesome Powers destroy the world? Could he be destroyed or only sealed into his prison once more? The hundred and fifty Aes Sedai and Asha’man, along with their Warders around fifteen-hundred Legionnaires and a thousand plus Legionnaires Traveled back to the Black Tower to form a plan to save the world.


This is only the beginning, its going to get harsh as the nations are near torn asunder and the forces of the Light struggle to rebuild and reclaim what was lost!


Also a points system has been set up to eliminate the problems caused by godmodding and to make each member aware of theirs and other's characters strengths and weaknesses. Everything that happens at Shadow Rises is orchestrated to be entirely unique and to have SR members feel as if they are part of the world of the Wheel of Time.


This site is totally unique and if you are a fan of the Wheel of Time this is the one for you. We truly try and help our members each have an experience that is unique to the characters they create through a system of classes and Raising requirements that allow members to create unique and special characters that will give the site life.


Become an Asha’man; the men who were supposed to go mad from the Dark One’s taint on saidin the tidal wave that is the male half of the One Power. Now they are cleansed thus no longer a danger and they train to become living weapons in the fight against the Dark One. If serenity is your choice become an Aes Sedai; the graceful knowledgeable women of legend, who surrender to saidar the peaceful river that is the female half. They have learned the errors of their ways of old and now try to rebuild with cooperation not manipulation. You can also choose to become a Gaidin or more commonly known as a Warder, these men and women are bonded to and protect the channelers of the Black Tower with their lives, their deadly grace is unsurpassed in combat and even asleep they can be ready to kill in an instant to guard the life of their bondmate.


Join the Legion of the Dragon and become a soldier for the cause. Using sword, lance, and crossbows you can become part of the most lethal fighting force the world has known. Aeil and Borderlander trained the Legion uses unconventional tactics to achieve victory in near any situation. Or if science is your forte dedicate yourself to the Academy of Sciences; who try and bring the world into an age of machines and inventiveness. They try and reclaim what was lost during the Age of Legends .


If you choose not to be affiliated with either the Black Tower or the Shadow there are many other paths you can take; Join the Order of the Red Heron and fight the Shadow from the Blight through stealth tactics, or the Dum'a'Mored and become a mercenary and assassin serving your own needs and goals going where the money is best and the takings better, become an inn keeper if you wish, a barmaid, a blacksmith, a noble, king, or simple farmer. Everyone of every station will be included in sitewide Rps. Commoners can be Tower eyes and ears, or they could be Darkfriends. The Shadow has people everywhere as does the Black Tower.


Please come on by and check us, or better yet join our small yet expanding community and get to know us!



The Shadow Rises Admn Team!

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