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Mainplotline Progress Story Wise - 1000 NE


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1. The Faith Lies in a Trap

Purpose: cover the missing time gap in Osan'gar's past due his falling between the shelves.


After repeated failures in his on-goings, and the betrayal of the Mae'shadar who served him as his right hand, Osan'gar decide that the way to power is to enforce it. Between believing that Demandred has been too lenient with the Dreadlords (as in - when a Mae'shadar can come to believe he can put himself up against a Chosen), and knowing that though he is not the strongest, any one channeler will fail against a circle of 13, he decides to approach Aginor.


Between them a secret alliance is formed, while he infiltrates the fortress to gain ground-level knowledge of the on-goings. This also leads him to appear unthreatening to his new ally… until Aginor disappears (infiltrates BT). Osan'gar takes the opportunity, and in Aginor's absence, betrays him, and takes control himself over the Fortress.


It's not many weeks after this that Val is released. She arrives with Cyndane and shields Osan'gar in a display of power. After he succumbs, she settles into the Fortress as her high seat. Running the Fortress through the present Mae'shadars, she declares peace among the council in and out of the Fortress. The message is relayed to the present members of the council, and messages are  dispersed to reach the rest within reasonable time, all members who do not serve a living Chosen receive the message to report before her so she can get oversight of on-goings and hand out missions where necessary.



2. Guardians of the Gate

Osan'gar and Cyndane are  sent to bring Sammael and Semirhage back to the Fortress. Here they are informed of the Nae'blis status, and to continue their quest in the Borderlands serving as governors and guardians over the countries to be called ‘The Gate to the Blight’.


3. Meddlers of Randland

Next in is Slayer (spy and assassin), Be'lal and Moghedien, who are fetched in by the messengers. They are given the quest to ensure that the mainland forcers keep trying to fight off the Seanchan.


4. Dupes of Seanchan

Graendal and Asmodean's turn on the carpet – they are charged with continuing their work within the Seanchan, and to direct their focus, if possible, on the coastline from the location of their landing up to Saldaea.


The aim to try to get a new (battle) front going, such as the Arafel and Shienar one, only between Seanchan and the rest of the remaining people in the hope that the confusion caused will turn out to work as an opener eventually like it did in ‘The Gate to the Blight’.



5.A New Era Begins

All the Chosen were charged in their meetings with the task of letting their Mae’shadars know and spread the word that the Council is now at absolute peace, and is approachable by all of the Dreads.  This information is then made public within the Dreadlord circles with the intent of passing the word to all (be it by whisper or screaming it from the rooftops) that the Shadow’s Peace is now upon anyone who seeks it out.  If anyone wishes to swear to the Great Lord, they may approach ‘The Gate’ and seek out a cleric to have their name taken as a new Child of the Shadow.  On top of that, any channeler who comes there will be taken into the warmth of the Dark and taught what they need to protect themselves from the minions of the Light.


This is all done under the pseudonym of ‘Mistress of the Dark’ so as to keep the Light from knowing who the controlling force in the Shadow is – the less the Light knows, the weaker they will be when it comes to fighting back.


OOCly, finally I make my members aware that while these missions and acts are now assumed carried out in main plotline, that you can underline that the plans are only plans, it is not a given that they will come into fruition, they are only the plans the Shadow work along for the time being.


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