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Winter Mist

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Overhead the broad wheel of the sun spun its hottest rays in midday zenith; the ground underfoot was parched and blistering to anything that touched it, and it threatened to melt Caliendhra’s boot-soles were she not careful.  Her forays into the Wetlands had given her no help at all towards understanding.  The single tail of reddish blonde hair clung damply to her back and her body ran with sweat. Once, she could have outrun any man or woman in the Threefold Land.  Once, she had wanted to. Now, she was lost.


Her loss of self did not extend to throwing away her spears, or indeed giving them up for a man.  She had seen none she considered worthy to relinquish her childhood ideals for, and it went against every fibre of her being to even contemplate such an act.  She was no Shaido to think such thoughts. 


She thought of the people she had known.  Everything in Caliendhra’s life had been related to the dance, to push the spears where directed until she too could one day direct the dance.  Yet the companionship of her spear-sisters at the Roof of the Maidens was not enough.  She yearned for more.  She yearned to experience more.


I am at risk of becoming soft in the Wetlands she mused to herself.  Not a living soul had seen Caliendhra wearing a dress, nor would they if she had anything to do with it.  Dresses were for those with either something to hide or someone to impress.  She had neither of those objectives in mind and her cadin’sor was perfectly suitable.


She did not know how long she stood there musing on the sensibilities of human nature and how adaptable one became.  Something would have to change, or life would change her into something not like an Aiel should be at all.  She was having a crisis, and needed to be reminded of what was important in her life.  If she could not find the answer, then she was more lost than each night gone past.  Finding a shaded spot, Caliendhra sat and watched the arid sands play over the dunes, her eyes lost in silent contemplation.


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