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The arrow goes that way...ATTN: Heather


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Owan stood in the archery fields shooting some of the bows that had been given over to the bowyers and fletchers for repair making sure they were up to standard.  He had received a note from the Commander last night stating that there was a new archer recruit up for training.


He took aim at a target and let the arrow fly.  He remembered his first day of training in the Band.  Only thing was he had started out in the calvary and he was a former calvary officer of a standard military.  He snorted and shook his head.  Things had a way of changing and he wouldn't  change the current status for anything.  If he had not transfered to the archers long ago there would be no mounted archers now and the scouts and calvary would really be at a disadvantage.


He walked over and looked at the bows on the table.  The note had said longbow.  He was going to check her skill.  After her training...if she was good enough...he might place her with an infantry detachment as backup.  But that was in the future right now was the basics.  He picked up a longbow and a quiver of arrows and waited for the recruit to show up.


Owan Bloodeye

Capt General

Archer Corps


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The sun rose over the mountain to reveal a young girl in her tent, brushing her hair. Heather was very persnickety over her appearance when appearing in public - public being anyone she was not closely related to. She braided her brownish-blonde hair tighly, as she always did when doing archery. It kept runaway strands of hair out of her face when she was shooting. Her hair was long enough that it reached her waist when braided. Her hair had been cut once.


She noticed the position of the sun, and knew she was running out of time. She quickly threw her adapted uniform over her head. She hadn't known what to wear to join an army, so she had altered her red festival dress to fit the cause while travelling. The sleeves were shortened to just below the shoulder, for maximum freedom. The sides of the dress had been cut up the sides to mid thigh for good mobility. It was higher up than a riding dress. The hem, the slits up the sides, the collar, and the sleeves had been decorated with a strip of dark yellow cloth. The last touch was a white hand embroidered on the left breast of it. The man who signed her up said it was alright. And she liked it.


She grabbed her custom built longbow from the side of her cot and her quiver of arrows that was beside it. Her bow was bigger than a child's bow or a woman's bow, but not near as big as a man's. But it was almost as good - rangewise. It was a good type of yew. She was also running short on arrows. Down to the last half-dozen. Too many had broken while hunting. But it would do for today.


She bashed off as fast as her feet could take her. She hadgood, soft leather boots, ankle high. Great for mobility. She saw a man at the archery range already. He was alone. This must be her teacher. She slowed as she got closer, and then stopped five feet away. She saluted. "Private Heather al'Morris, reporting for duty, sir!"


Heather al'Morris

Archer Private

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