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Welcomer's and Recruiter's, read this before posting!


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Ok recruiters, I’ve got an issue, and my problem is you. Not all of you, but some of you. Anyways, here’s what’s wrong, the environment in the newbie forum is not a friendly environment anymore, and the atmosphere is of a very intense “COME JOIN MY CLUB ITS COOLEST” style, which is not fun. Several of you are copying and pasting, or just plain advertising, no regard for the newbie, or even spamming the newbie out of their own thread.


So, in order to fix this up, I’m going to be implementing some rules:


1.  No copying and pasting advertisements. I will delete those immediately.

2.  Limit the spam, if you want spam, there is Fiddlesticks for that. I will delete spam that the newbie is not involved in.

3.  You are there for the newbie, not for your org, if you want to suggest visiting your org, go right ahead, no straight up advertisements, those will be deleted.

4.  Your post must be friendly and somewhat personal. Generic posts that could be copy/pasted to every newbie will be deleted.

5.  Be helpful, if you are the first to see a newbie’s question, answer it if you can, or refer them to somebody who can (me or WinterWinds if you don’t know anyone else).


Now, please keep in mind, I’m not expecting you to be funny, just nice, if you don’t want to banter with the other welcomer’s, that’s cool too. I’m not expecting you to be like everyone else, I just want to tone down the atmosphere and make it friendlier to the newbies. Long posts are welcome, as well as short ones, don’t worry. I’m not limiting you too much, just cutting out the crap that might intimidate and scare away a newbie.

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