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Alys Kinch

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Barms has given me permission to invite you all to join in a mafia game put on by one of our very own, very best mafia masterminds. I'm going to give you a preview into the game, and if you are intersted, a link. Don't worry, he'll explain everything once you get there.




They knew it was coming, but it was still a shock to see it. Molten lava shooting into the night sky, then landing on the side of the mountian and sliding down like a giant glowing snake of fire. Every 100 years the volcano would erupt, signalling that the time of sacrifice had come. And every 100 years the villagers gathered and cried out for the chief to bring forth his daughter. She would be carried like a queen all of the way up the mountain, and then thrown inside bringing glory and peace to the village for the next 100 years.

"That is like, the absolute worst idea that I have ever heard." The current chief's daughter has never been one for mincing words.

"But darling, every chief must do his duty to protect the village! It has been this way for thousands of years!"

"Thousands of years of stupidity" She holds out her hand and looks away. "Don't even. Go get the witchdoctor's daughter, she didn't even invite me to her birthday party last year."

An angry look comes over the chief's face. He speaks in a booming voice.

"I am the chief, and you are the chiefs daughter! You will not change the tradition our people have held for thou..."

"WHOA! Wait one minute, I'm not going any...."

The chief makes his first mistake of the evening and grabs for her arms.

"WHOA! No you did not!" She raise her hand "Get away from me before I whomp your #@$!"

The chief pauses, then makes his second mistake and does not step back. She whomps his #@$, and everything goes black.


Some time later, the chief feels like he is being shaken. They won't let him sleep...."Chief! Wake up! Where is your daughter? We are ready for the sacrifice!"

The chief's eyes pop open and he looks around. In a panic, he makes his third mistake of the evening.

"Uh, yeah. She is so excited! She could not wait for the ceremony, so she, er, she said she'd meet everyone up there! She's probably already halfway there. You should hurry and catch up. I'm just going to find my feathered headdress and I'll be right behind you. Now git! Skedaddle!"

As soon as they leave the room, the chief turns the hut over looking for his daughter but she is gone.

Without his daughter, there won't be a sacrifice. Without a sacrifice, the volcano will become angered. If the volcano becomes angered, the Tiki Gods will come to exact their terrible vengeance on him and his village. That has not happened for centuries. But it looks like it's going to happen tonight.....


There will be one finder, one healer, a mafia team, and villagers.


We'll play with a time clock to keep things lively. 72 hours for each day, and 24 hours for each night.


Newbies get first billing, then experineced players. We'll shoot for 12 but a few more wouldn't hurt!  More details as we see how many players we get.



Please join us in our fun!  http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,28235.0.html

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*peeps in* it's o.k. to post here, you know. we don't bite. much. *refrains from nibbling newbs*


don't forget, far dareis mai has a game sign up posted as well. it has a medieval theme and sounds wicked awesome.


and an update on fiddles. i am personally out to find storytellers of the creative or even just the amusing ramblings kind. if you know anyone, if you are that anyone, we would like to have you drop by and create your own thread for us to admire you. maybe bow down to you. hey! i know! we could even induct people into the pink ajah!


hope to see you there. :D


alys and crew

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