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Unfortunately, Mighte, there are really no rules against SPAM in place on this new DM at the moment. So we can't really expect anything of the sort. But if I did get teh mods first then I'd probably make sure that carp like this didn't get posted.

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I would think the rules here would be the same as they were at the former site, but you are right. As of yet, no official rules have been put into place.


However, seeing as this is what people see before they decide to join our organization, I would just as soon NOT have this junk show up here.

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Yes yes, but there's no use complaining. No one has mods on these boards. No one except the people who made the boards themselves. Not even Taimy or Nog have mods. But when we do get mods on these boards then this crap'll be taken off.


Moir, this isn't Hell. Don't SPAM. That goes for everyone.

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leave the spam for the privvys :P


dont scare away potential recruits




what it comes down to is that if you are going to start a new thread, it needs to have a purpose of some sort. As we all know, threads here at SG do not stay on topic for long, but there has to be some sort of original topic besides "Wow, I can spam...yay!"




And if I don't get mods I'll....um....um....








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