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A Thought on the Seanchan


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I was just thinking about Rand and his plan with the Seanchan.  I also thought about Mat and Perrin's recent Seanchan dealings and one thing about each occured to me.  Through out the series it has been stressed that ta'veren get what they need often before they know they need it. 


Perrin had this happen with the map of Altera, and Mat had it happen with the Band of the Red Hand most recently.


Perrin will probably assume that Rand will be upset over his dealings with the Seanchan.


Mat may likely have similar beliefs about his marrige.


But I think Rand will be happy for Mat, and be pleased with Perrin's temporary alliance, and that both events will prove quite helpful to Rand.



Sorry for the poor writing, I need to stop posting things right before bed.

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Rand won't be unhappy about the Perrin's alliance and Mat's marriage.  He realizes they need to be united with the Seanchan before they can stand a chance in Tarmon Gai'don.  In Rand's current mental state, he will likely see both as tools to use to reach the unity he needs.

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