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--Character Name - Cenn




--Email address – aielbios[at]hotmail.com




--Division - Aiel



--Aspiring Society - Hama N'dore, now Clan Chief




--Physical Description – Cenn was your typical aiel in some eyes.  Average height, 'round 6'4.  Medium build, sitting at about 220 lbs.  He had a black mustache and a black, thick fully grown beard.  His short hair was slick and looked as if it was oiled; which obviously it wasn't.  He had no noticible scars, all his limbs, and from what you could see; perfect working condition. Although that wasn't the case.  He had a problem with his lungs; he only had one when he was born. 




--Age - 28




--Place of Birth/Raising : Three-Fold Lan




--Weapon of Choice: Spear




--Character History :


Cenn was raised a normal Aiel.  He always found it a bit harder then the others, though, not being able to run as far, not being able to fight as long.  But gradually as he got older, he learned to cope with it.  He started running as long as the other boys, and even longer then others.  Some of the Wise Ones thought this was miraculous, for they thought he would be dead by the time he was ten. 


The dust from Three Fold Land didn't help, either.  It clogged his lung sometimes, and he would have spazzing fits of coughing.  What didn't kill you, made you stronger, right? As Cenn grew older, he began using more and more of the spear.  But one thing that impressed his own parents was his balance.  Sometimes he would just sit on the edge of a plank, and think.  It was the most peculiar thing, that he would take his disadvantage of being able to train for long periods of time, into something that he could just sit; and basically sit any where, at that.




As Cenn grew to his middle-teens, he began his training with his spear more vigorously then his other weapons.  It took several years before he went to his first battle; and it wasn't even glorified to be called a battle.  But, it was indeed a confrontation.  Ten of his Aiel Men, including his brother and father; and himself, were all sent to The Blight.  Needless to say, twenty or so Trollocs didn't last long against a few Aiel.  It was his first real kill; and he loved the feeling.  After that one raid, he began going on more and more.  As much as he could, from his clan.



His parents never died by trolloc hands, his brother was never murdered.  No typical reason for leaving.  He just up and.. left one day.  He was raised right, he was never beaten, sexually harrassed.  He decided that he would find a new place in the Spine.  Yet he didn't exactly know where he would go.




He wandered the spine for several days, and eventually came upon the camp of more Aiel.  Hoping they weren't from Shaido, he approached them with caution.  Suprisingly, they greeted him warmly and to share their shade.  They called themselves the Dragonmount Clan.





6-8: Spear and Dagger Training - Complete

8-10 Unarmed Combat and Bow Training - Complete

10-14 Fighting in small groups - Complete

14-18 Raid/War Fighting - Complete

16-18 Leadership Training - Complete

18-20 Advanced Leadership - Complete




Society Raising - Complete

Rhuidean (Chief & Wise Ones) - Complete**

Any you'd like to comment


** Note posted yet, waiting for the 'right time.'



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