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Why is the RP so Great


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There is more to DM then discusion and organisation, we have a whole RP section, to promote that some we asked to run this campaign of info...basicaly what makes us so great ;)


so we asked some people to get started what makes the rp so great, here is some of the reasons given


1. Writing: I'm in the RP side of DM, is shorter than writing: I'm in the community side of DM?

2. You get to live in RJs grand world through your characters

Now is your chance to live as a character in that world.  What would you do if you could wield the One Power, run amok through the hills as a Trolloc or trade winds and words with the Sea Folk?

3. The reason why I think RP is so great is because it's an opportunity to witness the incredible magic that happens when you collect a bunch of like-minded weirdos in one place.

4. Writing is like training, the more you do it, the more you excell, and the better you get

5. You get a chanse to explore some those storylines you wish had happened, but didnt happen

6. It's just like World of Warcraft with Words :P

7. The RP also have an out of character community, where we chat, keep up with eachother and have lots of fun together.

8. You're never short of a really good fantasy story to read. Better yet, you can choose what you want to read by creating the story yourself.

9. Not only do we do Empies, but also ALINs, so here lots of chanses to get a moment in the spotlight, and you are likely to be better as a writer then you think you are ;)


"It's your WoT Life. Live it to the full." "I'm having the time of my WoT Life. Are you?"


Oh and please let us know who you are, and feel free to ask any question you can think of, both staff and others will be around to answer and help any and all who got an interest in RPing ;) Because we want YOU to come write with us

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