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Dawn Rises


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It was late. Tigara sat in his rooms alone. Tears filled his eyes. O where could Jagaea be? Was she alright? Was she still with the Children? So many questions. He found himself thinking of her recently. But where was she? He embraced the Source and wove a door. He stepped onto a floating sundial dais and closed the door behind him. He would return by morning. Maybe by morning.


He stepped out of a gateway in the Fortress of the Light. A dangerous place for him to be. But she could be here. He looked down to the ground to see a man cut in half down the middle. He picked up the pieces and threw them into the Gateway. “Best not leave evidence” he thought to himself. He vaguely remembered where he was. The Inquisitors’ offices. Exactly where he wanted to be. He opened a door near him went in, closing it softly behind him. No one was awake at this time of night, so he was relatively safe. He strode to the desk at one end of the room and began shuffling through papers. Desmond Halfton. This was the right office. This was the man Jagaea worked for. Maybe still did. All the papers on his desk were fresh with al the current news. Nothing of his sister. He tried looking in a filing cabinet and looked through some archives. He picked up a paper and began to read.


Dear Lord Halfton:


I regret to inform you that I was unable to capture the girl in question. I have to say, she looks very close to the description of your former secretary. It may very well be her. But there was been no evidence of Darkfriend activity, but her brother was one, so she should remain on the list. The last I heard was she was staying with a Wise Woman. I will continue my search.


Child Tepton


He smiled. So she was in Ebou Dar! Safe and sound, according to this. He looked at the date. Four years ago. Anything could happen in four years. He opened another Gateway and stepped onto the dais and shoved the right side of the man into the nothingness. He drifted for a while.




“Jagaea. Jagaea, get up! Some man is here to see you.” Jag opened her eyes slightly. It was still dark out. And still raining by the sounds on the roof. Kalyn, her teacher, was hovering over her with a candle. “Quick girl. Hurry up.”


“Would you stop hounding me! I’m getting up.” She barked back. She got up and put on her night robe and descended down the stairs. The man standing in the door was in a dark cloak, hood covering his face. “What in the Light do you want at this time of night!?” she half-screamed at him. The man lifted his hood and uncovered is face. Jagaea’s eyes nearly popped out of her mouth and her jaw dropped down to her waist. “Tigara!!! “ she shouted with her eyes tearing up like a waterfall. He leapt at him and embraced his neck. “I thought I’d never see you again. I thought you were dead!” she muttered through sobs of joy.


“The Pattern isn’t done with me yet.” He replied. “I’ve missed you so much!’ he replied squeezing her tight.


“How did you find me?” she asked. “It’s a long story. Let’s sit down and get out of the rain, first.” He replied. They stepped inside and he took off his soaking cloak and hung it up by the fire. Jagaea lit and candle and put it on the table as they both sat down. Tigara related the story of how he found he could channel, how he traveled to the Blight to become a Dreadlord, and then how he found her. Jagaea listened intently to every word. She could scarcely believe it. “So what’s your story?” Tigara asked after he finished.


She pondered for a moment. Finaly she began. “Alright, you told me your story. I should at least tell you mine.” She began with leaving the Fortress of the Light in fear of her life, then stumbling across a Kalyn, the Wise Woman she was staying with. She stopped a minute, then told him that she could channel.


“Oh no, Jag. Please don’t tell me you are going to the witches!” he shouted. “Don’t worry brother. I would never in a million years go to the witches. There is this other group. Runaways and wilders gather in Ebou Dar. They call themselves the Kin, and I’m one of them. I have been for three years now. They have taught me much.” She replied in a surprisingly calm manner. Very unusual for her. “Well, why don’t you come with me and you can become a Dreadlady. We can be together that way. And by turning to the Shadow, you will get eternal life! Think of it, sister. You and me, side by side, living forever.”


“If half of what I hear about the Blight is true, I wouldn’t last a day there. But, since you want me to, I will pledge myself to the Dark One.”


“Great Lord”


“Right, the Great Lord. But I can help in other ways, can’t I? I could spy for you. Or even better! I’m learning to dance. Soon I will be going off to dance in various lands. I could try to recruit men and women to the Shadow while I’m out and about.”


“I suppose so. I would like it better if you were with me, but I understand. Wait, hold on!” Tigara embraced the Source and placed a ward on Jagaea. “There, now I will know where you are at all times.” He looked out the window. It was getting light. “I must go, but I will check on you when I can. Farewell, little sister.”


“Farewell, big brother.” Tigara embraced the Source and opened a Gateway to his room. He stepped through and closed the Gateway. Jagaea was alone. She closed her eyes and pledged herself to the Great Lord. She felt…better. She climbed the stairs and crawled back into bed. A new chapter in her life was just beginning. The first of many.




Tigara stepped back into his rooms and closed the Gateway behind him. He was exhausted. “I have some very bad news for you.” Tigara turned around to see Michael staring at him. Tigara put on his “innocent face”. “And I have very good news. Who should speak first?”


Tigara Kazim

Dreadlord Adept


Jagaea Kazim



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