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Values of DR PSW


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What in your opinion are/should be the values the PSW operates on? And how should the values show in practice?


Here is my list:




- We are here to write and enjoy each others' company. That should be everyone's first priority.

- The Staff members should do their best to remove obstacles to fun (e.g. ineffective approval systems) and to enhance it (e.g. by actively fostering creation of new RP ideas)

-  Every time a Staff member makes a decision, they should consider how it affects the fun of members. Allowing someone to make a total godder character would be detrimental to other people's fun. But shooting down a slightly unconventional RP that would be fun for many and harmful to none should not be done.

- All the members should do their best to help the others to have fun, be it by starting OOC conversations (if you enjoy those) or by RPing actively and coming up with new plots




- All members should treat each others with respect and how they would like to be treated

- Special attention is given to new members so that they feel welcomed and find their way around

- Mentoring and teaching are supremely important and should be encouraged by the Staff members

- Close attention is paid to retaining members and Divisions make sure that no character is left to a vacuum with nothing to do and no one to play with

- Staff members are easily accessible and communicate professionally

- We should share the love and make sure that as many WoT fans as possible find their way to DM. That means marketing, people




- All members are treated equally

- The Staff has no favourites

- Any problem cases are dealt with according to the clearly stated rules. If it is not yet written into the rules, the ‘offending’ member cannot be penalized


Fast (could also be Efficient but 4 Fs sound better)


- It should be as easy as possible for new members to join the site. We should constantly try to see the system with fresh eyes and change complicated practices.

- Bio approval should not take longer than 3 days.

- Staff members should reply all contacts within 3 days.

- Web pages & Division stickies should be constantly up to date




- All rules are clearly written down and communicated to all members

- Staff writes memos (summaries) of all important conversations that they have among themselves on IMs and the Staff board. The memos are then posted for all members to see.

- Monthly Staff reports are posted in public as they are or the RP Admin makes a summary of them.

- There is a clear criterion for what counts as a good Staff and it should be constantly measured. If good communications and friendliness are criteria, it needs to be measured reliably.


Do you agree or disagree? Would you add something else to the list or remove something?

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Guest Arie Ronshor

I have to admit, you covered most of what I'd say, if not more so. I agree.


When I can think of things to add, I will post them. ^_^

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