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Aiel Information - General Information and warrior policies


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  Welcome to the Three Fold Land, Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you welcome. I am Ghaul, clan chief of the Dragonmount Aiel, and also Division Leader of the Aiel Div. In this post I will try to explain to the best of my ability how our division functions.


  Now, first  to explain the Aiel structure. At the top of the Aiel heirarchy you'll find the division leader. It is his job to make sure that the divison runs smoothly. Also it is his job to negotiate the other DLs the interdivisional RPs. Since we're a small division, the DL is also bio checker, though that might change of the Division grows. Another of the DL's duties is the assigning of weapon score and one power scores. The DL is also the one who assigns the Society Leaders. The Society leaders in turn can appoint Second in Societies, to help them manage their society.


  However, though the DL is the final instance within the Aiel divison, he is by no means the sole authority. In fact if he was he would be going bonkers in no time. The division has staff, which includes the Clan Chief, Head Wise Ones and Society Leaders. It is in discussion between all these people that the policies of the Aiel Division are decided. So in short, if you have problems with the RP - feel free to take it to any member of the Aiel Staff, from your Society Leader to the Division Leader.


  Now to list the current Aiel warrior policies:


1. Each new member of the Aiel who decides to go with the warrior path start as a warrior who has just completed basic training, and has the WS of 10


2. Upon bio approval, a new Aiel memeber must complete the How to be Aiel and Ji'e'toh classes, information about both classes can be found in two separate threads on this forum. That is done so the new member will be familiarized with the Aiel history, culture, society and Ji'e'toh, so they will know how to behave like an Aiel, an unique culture in the world of the Wheel of Time. Upon completion of this your WS score will be raised to 11


3. Upon completion of those two classes the next step is to chose a society and underwent it's initiation. The initiation is ran by the Society Leader (SL). Once this is done your WS will be up to 12.


4. The maximum WS a warrior can achieve is 18. In order to achieve that, each warrior will have to go through advance training in three of the basic seven Aiel skills on which his society depends the most. That advanced training is also done by the SL. The seven basic skills are Balance, Stamina, Stealth, Spears, Hand to Hand, Knives, Bows.


5. The WS 19 is reserved for Sept Chiefs. Anyone can apply to be Sept Chief, the DL choses the Sept chief. There can be more than one sept chief.


6. The WS of 20 is reserved for Clan Chiefs. As of current they are two clan chiefs - of the Dragonmount Aiel and Shaido Aiel. In each clans they are Sept chiefs.



  Now, I think that about covers it.

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