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[Movie] The Orphanage (El Orfanato)


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I just got back from a screening of this movie.  I don't want to say a lot abot it because the nature of the movie is sort of a discovery thriller.  There were some things that I expected to happen, but one Huge thing I did not and it cemented the emotional rollercoaster I felt through a good chunk of the movie.


There was one "holy crap" moment where nearly the whole theatre jumped and then we all laughed at one another for doing so.  Even my friend who Never gets jumpy during horror/thriller movies.


The movie is not nearly as gorey or brutal as Pan's Labyrinth, but it still did a fantastic job of creating a shock value.  There were a couple of "ew" moments which I think Guiellermo Del Torro, apparently excells in, but the movie was not even remotely a gore fest. 


I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes to be scared or shocked or taken for a thrilling mystery.  For now, it looks like the movie is making rounds at the various film festivals.  It hits the US in limited release Dec 28.

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