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Twinnie's Holiday Trivia Contest!


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So what museum features Christmas tree's from around the world?  Who lost $8000 in 'It's a Wonderful Life'?  *grins*


These are the kind of questions you will find here in Twinnie's Holiday Trivia Contest! A place to play and test your knowledge of the Holidays! AND...each correct answer will get one point...the Sash group with the most correct answers at the end of the month will recieve a bonus! The winner at the end of the month with the most correct responses will win a Happy Mail surprise from..TWINNIE!!!  Everyone is invited to play..Kinsters and all DM'er's!!!


This is Christmas Trivia...Set up similar to Trivial Pursuit.  The catagories are:


History, Facts, and Figures

Traditions Around the World

Cartoons, Animation, Made for TV Movies & Specials

Carols and Songs

Movies on the Silver Screen

Literature and the Performing Arts


I will start this tonite with the first six questions.  As each question is answered, I'll post the answer next to it and I'll add a new question in that catagory!  *grins*  The FIRST correct answer will win one point and thier name next to the answer!  IF a question goes unanswered for 24 hours..I will post the answer and a new question! 


The thread will start with this explanation post, the second post will contain ALL the questions!  I will add the new questions to the top of the post as they are answered...after that post anything goes!  You can guess, discuss, argue..LOL  have FUN!


This is to challenge your memories and knowlege more than how well you use Google!  Please try to answer on your own!  If you are still stumped after several hours or wrong guesses...well I guess a Google would be acceptable!



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And the Questions are:




Set 18 complete

In what decade did flashing Christmas lights debut:1930's or 1950's?

30's (Ursula)

Who is the gift bringer in Hungary:  Mikulas or the Wisemen?

Mikulas (Fae)

What ski-nosed comedian annually had a Christmas special on NBC?

Bob Hope (Fae)

What carol contains the line "God and sinners reconciled"?

Har the Herald Angels Sing (Sor)

What did George Bailey's father die of:  an accident or stroke?

Stroke (Fae)

Where is the Fir Tree thrown on the day after Christmas in the Anderson story:  attic or basement?

attic ((Fae)



Set 17 complete

What popular snack can you string together and place on a Christmas tree?

Popcorn (Sor)

Who are the Mexican gift bringers?

The Three Kings (Fae)

In Rudolf, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, what made the squirt gun a misfit toy?

Squirted Jelly (Sor)

Who comes dressed in a snow white gown?

Suzy Snowflake (Ursula)

Who portrayed the Bishop in The Bishop's Wife?

David Niven ((Fae)

Who said, "God Bless Us, Every One!"?

Tiny Tim ((Sor)



Set 16 complete

*Does Frosty the Snowman wear a scarf?

yes (Zarine)

*Is chicken or pork served as the main course for a Columbian Christmas dinner?

pork (Zarine)

*The muleish voices of this 1977 animation featured Roger Miller and Brenda Vaccaro.

Nestor, The Long Earred Donkey (Zarine)

*What carol contains the line "O tidings of comfort and joy"?

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Zarine)

*Who did Santa Claus conquer in a 1964 space thriller:  Russians or Martians?

Martians (Zarine)

*What Christmas carol does Melanie WIlkes sing at Tara's melancholy Christmas in Gone With the Wind?

Hark, The Herald Angel's Sing (Fae)




Set 15 Complete

*Does eggnog contain eggs?

yes (Esperanza)

*In China, who is Lam Khoong-Khoong:  Santa or Rudolph?

Santa (Zarine)

*Soon after this carol for peace, "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear," was written, what nineteenth-century American war broke out?

Cival War (Fae)

In It Came Upon A Midnight Clear what Andy Hardy star played the dead retired detective?

Mickey Rooney (Zarine)

What Supremes song did Mary Steenburgen sing in One Magic Christmas

"Stop in the Name of Love" Twinnie stumps the Gang

*How many days did it take Handel to write The Messiah:  twenty-four or ninety?

24 (Zarine)




Set 14 Complete

What Pittsburgh Pirate legend died in a plane crash January 1, 1972?

Roberto Clemente (Fae)

*What does Meri Kurisumasu mean in Japan?

Merry Christmas (Zarine)

In The Homecoming, who was late on Christmas Eve:  Ma or Pa Walton?

Pa Walton (Fae)

*"Veni, Emmanuel" is the Latin translation of what carol?

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Zarine)

*In the movie Home Alone 2, what city park is featured?

Central Park (Esperanza)

*What is the name of Scrooge's clerk?

Bob Cratchitt (Zarine)




Set 13Complete

What was Edison General Electric Co. the first to produce?

Electric Tree Lights (Sor)

*What country's eldest daughter dresses in white and awakens her parents by singing "Santa Lucia"?

Sweden (Esperanza)

Who was Santa's lead reindeer in Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Donner (Twinnie stumped the Gang)

*In "We Three Kings", which direction is the star leading, stil proceeding:  east or west?

West (Zarine)

*What type of spiritual gaurdian was Gideon in One Magic Christmas?

Angel (Esperanza)

*At the beginning of the story, what is the Fir Tree's ambition?

to grow very tall (Fae)


Set 12: complete

*No two of these 1983-1985 most popular Christmas toys were exactly alike.

Cabbage Patch Dolls (Fae)

*On Christmas Day what is built in the center of the Syrian Church:  a bonfire or a manger scene?

Bonfire (Fae)

*How did Yukon Cornelius test for silver and gold?

Taste his icepick (Sor)

*How many drummers drum?

Twelve (sor)

*In Here Comes Santa Claus, a young boy traded his toy chest for the safe return of whom:  his parents or brothers?

Parents (Zarine)

*What type of school separates Buddy and his friend after the Christams recalled in the Capote story?

Military School (Fae)


Set 11:complete

*What is wrong with the holly's berries?

Poisenous (Sor)

*In what country does the gift bringer Christkind bring gifts, Syria or Switzerland?


*Who "earned" his costarring role with Michael Learned in A Christmas Without Snow, Ralph Bellamy or John Houseman?

John Houseman (Zarine)

*What carol contains the line "Come and behold him, born the King of angels"?

O Come All Ye Faithful (Sor)

*Mamie was the name of the housekeeper in what holiday classic?

Holiday Inn (Zarine)

*What Elizabeth barrett spouse wrote the poem "Christmas Eve"?

Robert Browning (Zarine)


Set 10:complete

*What All About Eve star married Arthur Farnsworth on New Year's Eve, 1940?

Bette Davis (Fae)

*What red or green fruit goes into the English holiday drink Lamb's Wool?

Apples (Zarine)

*What character is made of snow and wears a top hat?

Frosty the Snowman (Sor)

*What crib scene does the "M" stand for in the song "C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S"?

Manger (Fae)

In what film did Doris Day sing "Christmas Story"?

On Moonlight Bay Twinnie stumps the Gang!

*Which of the three great "B's" wrote the Christmas Oratorio?

Bach (Zarine)


Set 9: Complete

*Born on New Year's Eve, 1948, this leggy singer worked hard for her money.

Donna Summer (Fae)

*What is served for breakfast in Albania on Christmas Eve: pancakes or codfish?

Pancakes (Fae)

What special features a bear who tries to avoid hibernating so he can participate in Christmas?

*The Bear Who Slept through Christmas Twinnie stumps the Gang!

*What carol tells the story of a page who was kept from freezing by walking in his master's footprints?

Good King Wenceslas (Zarine)

*In what movie was "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" introduced?

Meet Me in St. Loius (Fae)

*Who wrote the mystery "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding?

Agatha Christie (Zarine)


Set 8: Complete

*According to the Gospels, what did Mary ride on her way to Bethlehem?

It does not say (Sor)

*According to Irish traditions, what in the window guides the Holy Family to shelter on Christmas Eve?

Candles (Mo)

*In Santa Claus is Coming to Town, what Andy Hardy star provides the voice of Kris Kringle?

Mickey Rooney (Fae)

*What Chrstimas song was introduced in the movie Meet Me in St. Louis?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Fae)

*What type of religious residence is the setting of The Holly and the Ivy: rectory or convent?

Rectory (Mo)

*In what European country does the action of The Nutcracker unfold?

Germany (Sor)


Set 7:complete

*What sidewalk gift popularized in California sold wildly and peaked at Christmas, 1965

Skateboard Twinnie stumped the Gang

*What do Italians call the Infant Jesus: Petito or Bambino?

Bambino (Mo)

*Was Rudolph's reindeer friend named Freddie or Fireball in Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Fireball (Sor)

*Who played his best for him, pa-rum pum pum pum?

The Little Drummer Boy (Fae)

*In what unseasonal film did Judy Garland sing "Merry Christmas"?

In the Good Old Summertime Twinnie stumped the Gang

*What is the famous Christmas story writtten by O.Henry?

The Gift of the Magi (Fae)


Set 6: complete

*What Illinois city annually presents Christmas trees from around the world in one of it's museums?

Chicago (Fae)

*Kissing under the mistletoe is a tradition that was revived by the English or the French?


*What M*A*S*H star portrayed Grace Bradley in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?

Loretta Switt(Fae)

*What Wizard of Oz star intoduced "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"?

Judy Garland(Fae)

*In the movie Babe, what gift do Farmer Hoggettt and his wife get thier son for Christmas?

Fax Machine  Twinnie Stumped the Gang!

*What does Scrooge keep in his coalbox?

coal (Fae)


Set 5: Complete

*What rock 'n' roll star, born Rich Pennimann, was born Christmas Day, 1935?

Little Richard(Fae)

*True or False?  at one time Christmas was celebrated on August 5th?


*Is Frosty male or female?

male (Fae)

*In "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year", what is Sue getting for Christmas?

Dolly (Sam)

*In which Home Alone movie does Kevin prevent a toy story robbery?

Home Alone 2(Sam)

*What author's death prompted the remark, "Will Father Christmas die too?

Charles Dickens (Kelly)


Set 4:Complete

*What "prince of pop" had the #1 song Christmas 1991?

Michael Jackson (Fae)

*In Ireland, what family member lights the family Christmas candle?

The Youngest Memeber Twinnie stumped the Gang!

*In A Very Merry Cricket what part of his body does the cricket use to perform "Silent Night"?

His legs! (Kelly)

*What Johnny Marks favorite was introduced by the cheerful Burl Ives?

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas (Fae)

*Where were all the General's suits on opening night in  White Christmas?

the dry cleaners(Fae)

*What reindeer name is the same as a Valentine archer?

Cupid (Fae)


Set 3: complete

*Over the years, What word has the lettert X come to represent?


*What well-known maker of Christmas cards has a crown as its symbol?

Hallmark (Fae)

*What was the obvious name of the sequel to The Little Drummer Boy?

The Little Drummer Boy, Book Two (Sor)

*In What direction does the star lead the three kings?

Westward (Fae)

*Who direted Katherine Hepburn in "Little Women":  cukor or Demille?


*In A Christmas Carol whose children are Peter, Tim, Belinda and Martha?

Bob Crachit's (Kelly)


Set 2: Complete

*Not counting Rudolf, how many reindeer are there?

eight (Fae)

*It would not be Christmas in Wales without what sweet:  Taffy-pull or taffy apple?


*In Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, what made the Jack-in-the-Box a misfoot toy?

His name was Charlie! (Sor)

*How many maids-a-milking did my true love give to me:  six or eight?

Eight Maids a Milking (Fae)

In Miracle on 34th Street what did Kris and Fred tell Doris her problem was?

to realistic, no imagination(Fae)

*On what day of the year does "The Gift of the Magi" take place?

Christmas Eve (Fae)


Set One: complete

*What holiday symbol is placed on McDonald's bags druing the Christmas Season?

Trees (Sor)

*What U.S. owned island celebrates the nine-day "Mass of Carols?

Puerto Rico (Fae)

*What beer was known for its commercials featuring Clydsdales and sleigh rides?

Budwieser (Sorandha)

*Who nodded in "The Little Drummer Boy"?

Mary (faerielin)

*What is the boy's name in The Christmas Story:  Ryan or Ralph?

Ralph (Soranda)

*What waltz closes  Act I of The Nutcracker?

The Waltz of the Snowflakes (Faerielin)



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:) I'm afraid I've never played Trivial Pursuit....do I need to try to answer all the questions, or can I just put out the answers that I'm pretty sure on? Oh goodness...


I have no clue.


I don't know


I know this one! My husband and I had our honeymoon in San Diego and while there we saw the Budweiser Clysdales at Sea World!CORRECT!


I remember the little Drummer boy himself nodding to the beat of his drum, but that doesn't sound right.


I believe the boy's name was Ralph.CORRECT!


And I can't believe I don't know this because I'm huge on the nutcracker. I have a musicbox that plays a waltz but all it says on the bottom is "Nutcracker Suite" and that's probably not right lol.


But I tried!


Um...if I did this all wrong then I can edit my post. I don't mean to try and ruin the game.

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Great Job Sor and Fae!  You each got two right!! 


You did just fine Sor..you can answer any, some or all!!  Take a guess if you think you might know..you just might!! 


Oh and you don't have to do the colors!  *giggles*  I did that just to make it easier for you guys to know the catagories!!! 


Ok folks...four new questions posted up above!!  The Greens and Purples are in a running lead!

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LOL  you two are pretty darn good!


Ok updated to the answers here!!  Trees is right for the McDonald's one..don't know if it is the phrase in the shape of a tree though!  We'll have to do lunch there and find out!


Ok folks..looks like the purple and greens are on the road..c'mon blues and reds!!  and anyone else who wants to get mail from Moi!

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In aA Christmas Carol whose children are Peter, Tim, Belinda and Martha?


They are children of Bob Cratchit. I believe his wife is named Gladys, but it's really fuzzy.


Not editing my answer, just adding that my husband thinks the wife's name was Emily. lol

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very good! you know your reindeer!!  both correct and noted!


ok..all the questions are updated to this point!  Don't forget that each set has six questions!  


umm For the sake of my sanity..which is questionable at times anyway...I am going to limit this to only four open sets at a time!  We have closed one set today already!! WOOT!!  So don't forget those pesky questions whose answers are eluding you!   ;)Remember...you can use Google as a last resort!!!

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I believe it is a taffy pull!  LOL have you ever pulled taffy?  


It can be a blast..but tiring!  I had my Youth Group did it one year..it was tons of fun..tasty and a total mess!!!!  I think it was in victorian times..a young couple who were spending an evening together in the parlor...would for fun pull taffy!  *laughs*  what a different world today?!?


*giggles*  the things right under our noses....

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