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How Sei'Cair came to the Band


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Sei'Cair reigned in his horse, and walked him for a while. He was a ruggedly handsome man who was 23 years of age. He realized he was nearing the citadel. He remembered what things had been like.


He was born on a farm right outside a small village near Maradon with the name Johanarra Moranassa. He never liked his name, even though his friends shortened it and called him Jo. As he grew up, he lived quite a normal life, and played with his friends, helping his mother in the house and later his father in the fields. He was a bit of a prankster, and got in trouble countless times. He would steal honey cakes and do things like that, not big things, but things that the wisdom would beat for.


At age 16, he became the blacksmith’s apprentice, and stayed at the blacksmith’s house. He would see his family whenever they came into town, which was quite often, since they were one of the closest farms to the village. He thought that he would stay there the rest of his life, little did he know what was about to happen. He trained himself to use an axe, and got very good at it. He also bought a bow from a merchant, it cost him almost all the money he had, but it was worth it. This was a Two Rivers bow, the best. Only a strong man could pull the string all the way back, and it was made from very good wood. After long strenuous training, he could shoot a target dead center at 250 paces.


After 3 ½ years of being the blacksmith’s apprentice, he started to notice changes in himself. His eyes began to change from blue to gold, he had a sense of smell and hearing that far outdid anyone he knew, and he could see things that normal people would have to use a looking glass to see. People started to call him things that had to do with his eyes, one day someone called him Sei'Cair (goldeneyes in the Old Tongue), and it stuck. Then he started to see images of wolves in his head, they seemed to be saying something to him, they were calling to him. He resisted it the best he could, but then the people of the village began to notice the changes, they sent him away, they did not want someone to find him there and accuse him of having something to do with the shadow.


He left, and he went to the wolves, they were calling him something, he couldn’t quite understand it, then finally one day he started to understand, they were calling him Silent Bear. For 4 years he ran wolves, not on four legs like them, but on two. He hunted with his axe and not with his teeth. He barely held on to a little piece of him that was still human, but he did hold on. Finally at age 23 he decided that he could not live like this any longer. He had heard of an army, the Band of the Red Hand, thats why he was coming here.


Stopping his reminiscing, he realized that he was now at the gate. He called out "Could someone open this for me, I've had a long ride, and I need to talk to someone about joining."

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