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Approved FL Bio for Mahima, Aiel CCed


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Handle: Kass

Character Name: Mahima

Email address: mclodius(at)los-alamos(dot)net

Division: Freelanders


Group: Seafolk

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Physical Description:


Mahima’s parentage is questionable to say the least. She has the wavy black hair and grace of the seafolk, but her skin is paler than any pure seafolk should have and instead of the nearly black eyes of most atha'an miere, hers are the greenish-blue of the sea. Her seafolk mother has never told anyone who Mahima’s father was and no one has ever demanded to know.


She is smaller than most her age, with a whip like build and muscle. She is about 5” tall with a weight of 90 pounds. Her build just makes her look smaller than she actually is, just adding to the impression that she is younger than she says. Mahima’s eyes always seem large and give her a sad, innocent look. Her look makes her look like a beautiful tragedy come to life, except for her smile. Though her smiles come rarely, when they do appear, they light up her face and give those watching the feeling that after months of despair a ray of hope has finally shone through. She either wears her silky, black hair in a braid down her back or loose under a bandana that keeps it out of her face. She wears a thin silver earring in each ear to show her rank as a deckhand. The tattoo on her hand is of a seagull with stylized waves and stars surrounding it.


Place of Birth/Raising: Upon her mother’s ship


Character History:


Mahima was born upon her mother’s ship with a blue sky over her head, the cries of seagulls surrounding her, and a perfect wind for sailing tickling her skin. She grew up among other children but was always left slightly apart, her eyes and skin making her different, something alien. She made a few friends and was very close to those, but often enough she found herself alone, gazing out at the open ocean with only the wind and the gulls as company. Many times the sailors would see her sad, wide eyes and show her tricks and games to make her smile. Eventually, recently, her mother had her sign upon a new ship, separating her from her few friends and all she knew well. It was her mother’s intent to have her daughter experience new things away from what she knew and hopefully have her open up from her quiet, thoughtful self to something more like her mother had been, loud and joyful at every experience. Mahima took this change of lifestyles how she takes most of her orders, with a wide eyed glance backwards and a silent acceptance of the orders.


Many question her upon her age and whether she belongs in the place of deckhand. To most she might appear to be either twelve or thirteen but not fifteen. This has caused her to be bullied and many have looked down upon her, thinking her a lier and fraud. Through this all, she has learned to use her attacker’s words and strength against them, causing them to look foolish, and making her have fewer friends and more enemies. Most would call her weak, but some would recognize the constant strength of the wind in her silence, not the down-cast eyes and view of a coward. Even more might take her silence as a sign of stupidity rather than the gaze of an observer. Mahima will work to get her place for neither charm nor her strange beauty will get her there, and work hard she will have to, for most captains look down upon her as either stupid or weak. Time is nearly impossible to for see, perhaps she will meet her former mates expectations to become nothing more than a sniveling idiot, or perhaps her quiet strength will not be crushed and her spirit not disappear forever.

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