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I read a scene the other day and thought "I want that as my signature" - a Mat quote but i can only remember half of it now and dont have the book with me.


He's sat outside the house the Kin are using, with his men and its just before he follows the woman who leads him to the cache of ter'angreal.


Someone (I think it's Nalesean) says "What are we doing here again?" and Mat says something along the lines of "You're drinking bad ale and sweating like a pig, I'm being ta'veren"


I thought it was a class line, but i cant remember the exact quote? I'm certain about the 'I'm being ta'veren' bit, but not about what Nalesean says to him?


I also found Tylin's comment about "If that's what being ta'veren means..." after she's effectively raped him very funny  ;)

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