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Another turn of the wheel (attn Jozan)


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Aurore was walking out of the quarters on the island. Her old Sail mistress had finally given into age, failing eyes had made her miss the coil of rope as she walked along a shadowy streach of the ship. Though they had managed to save her from the sea, she had come out with an influence, she had been cold and quite weak before they found her and Aurore had only dared do minimal healing. It hadnt been enough, she had died before the sun came up again, if but someone with greater strength and bigger skills and knowledge of healing had been there. But no, she had been given back to the sea and they had sailed the ship back. A new sailmistress where to sail the ship for the clan, some of the old staff where suplementing hers, as the ship was larger then the one she had sailed before, the rest was being spread out and divided onto other ships, a good part going into the ship this new sailmistress was leaving behind.


None of this was her consern though, the chain from her nose to her ear felt light, with her sailmistress dead she was to start over from the bottom. A new sailmistress trainee had rescently been promoted to full rank, aparently it would be a resourcefull young lady as well. Aurore had done her investigation while awaiting the ship, and aparently the young lady had bougth it of her old mentor who had changed ship along with her rank.


She had a description of the ship, a raker and was walking towards the clans harbour, then spliting off towards the section the harbour master told her the ship she sougth after a quick description would lay in. Then she spotted it behind another, as she came closer she could see the word white, and then almost there she stopped dead in her tracks. For a full minute she stared at the name, this could turn out to be more interesting then she had already predicted.


Gathering herself she walked the rest of the way, her hand running over her scalp, she gathered her white hair in a knot before arriving at the boarding ramp. Her lugage should have been sent ahead already, and hopefully would be in her cabin. Now all left was to meet this young new woman that she where to raise in ranks alongside, this somewhat original woman posible, though she likely had some surprices at her own. Aurore even having been so many years at sea under the sun, had darkened more in her skin, but still was a litle short of the dark color the rest of her fathers people showed, and unlike them all her eyes where not the black, or maybe technicaly dark dark brown, hers where that of her mother, green.


Finding herself standing on the deck she could feel the breeze pass over a couple stray hairs as she looked around for the sailmistress.

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The wind were breezy today as her raker laid ashore waiting for a new arrival. Her wind finder would arrive today, her somewhat tight crew were all anticipating this new crew-mate. A bit later one of her crew-men came dashing near the ship and shouted " She's coming this way! The wind finder is here!" yasuno looked up from where she was leaning on a mast and told the men to lower the boarding plank so the woman could climb aboard. The woman created some looks and awe's from the men, as some of the women just shrugged and kept on working with whatever they were doing.


Yasuno walked up to the woman and eyed her from face to toes and then nodded with pleasure "The welcome of my ship to you, and the grace of the Light be upon you until you leave his decks." she said with a melodious voice and then turned to two quite old men and said with same voice "Show her to her cabin down below, and do ask her if she like to come to my cabin for some tea." The two old men respectfully bowed to her and quite smooth too, as they gestured for the wind finder to follow them below to her cabin, where all her belongings would have been placed already.


As that was all taken care of she moved to matters of more importance. She turned to her crew above deck and said with a respectful but yet demanding voice "Set sail, and do be quick about it. We do have a time to keep." Then as they all moved to work with utmost speed and agility and skills for that matter, she her self walked to the front where the steering were. Yasuno as she stood there holding onto the steer, felt the breeze and smelled the salty water in her nose. This were her new life, and would be apart of her till she died, and then she'd join the sea in all it's beauty.


After a little while at sea the sail-mistress sat in her quarters down below drinking and chit chatting with the wind finder. "So, What may your name be?...I my self would be Yasuno'din miraen." said with a soft and melodious voice, as she then sipped a bit of her black, bitter and unsweetened tea which she were holding with her right hand.   

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Aurore followed down bellow to her cabin, taking it into view and dismissing the men. This was her new life now, it was the way of the seafolk, something she had come to accept over time. Only one thing could be said indeed to in any way tie her still to her old life, thoug in an ironic way. Once a thief catcher, she now served the master of many a thief. A bargain struck to save her beloved daughters life.


Yet to this day she didnt know what had happened with the babe, a promise given for a promise in return that the girl would be healed. At a later ocation she had had the option to ask, to learn that she had survived and been placed in orphenance, she had tried to track her, but had found she had run off from the home. At times she wondered if she had relatives out there hailing from her daughter, surely she herself and any kids would be long dead by now as mere mortals.


Shaking herself out of melankoly she closed the closet, everything seemed to have made it here, there where still a couple boxes unpacked by her labeling orders. But those would have to wait, she had a tea meeting to attend to, to meet this young lady she was going to serve with.


Aurore tilted her head in acknowledgment of what was  beeing said and sipped her tea as she listened, "My name is Aurore" she loved the feel of the ship rocking on the weaves, "I noticed the rather special name of the ship..?" she let the question hang in the air

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