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Dream Sequence RP (WS 18 Training - Failure RP)


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It was nearly midnight as Shoar ascended the stairs to his room, stifling a yawn. ”Heh… Been a while since Roshgar and I could swap old stories…” he though to himself with a smile. The innkeeper had been Shoar’s faithful companion for many, many years now, going back to when Shoar had been Bonded to Ryell.


He entered his room, putting his swords away and removing his clothes. He sighed gratefully as he sank back into bed, his eyes closing as soon as his head hit the soft pillow. Within second…ds he wa…s asl…ee…p…


The Mists Descend…


Shoar’s eyes snapped open, brought to conciousness by an urgent pang from the Bond. Ryell was calling for him. Leaping out of his bed he hurriedly gathered his swords and burst from his room, not noticing he hadn’t a shirt on. He sprinted down the corridor, unsheathing Cor’Aan he burst through her door. He was brought up short by Ryell sitting down with another Aes Sedai they had come to Shienar with. “So you see, he really is well trained. I only needed to give a slight sense of urgency and he comes running.” Shoar growled and said “I am not your dog to be called and summoned wh…en yo…u so wi…s…h…”


The Mists Ascend…


Shoar frowned in his sleep, tossing and turning, his arm occasionally swiping the air as he rolled over. He eventually set…tl…ed do..w…n…


”Again.” The Voice Intoned. “Remember.”


Shoar woke up, yawning as the first rays of dawn entered the window. He rubbed his eyes and sat upright, beginning to stretch as he awoke from blissful slumber. He grimaced as pain from the Bond came flooding in and attempted to ward it off. ”Eugh… Ryell drank with Reile again… Honestly… For Aes Sedai they have some bad habits.” He got up unsteadily, tottering as he walked as the after-affects of Ryell’s drinking binge disoriented him. He managed to get dressed and attached his swords. Taking a deep breath, he exited the room, touching the bond affectionately. ”She might do a whole mess of things to me but I st…ill lo…ve h…e…r…”


”Not enough.” The Voice Intoned. “Soon.”


Shoar grimaced and thrashed in his sleep, shaking his head violently he whispered under his breath “No no no no no no no no no” His foot kicked over the table next to his bed with a loud crash as he thrashed about. Arching his back, he fell back, a peaceful look of sleep descen...di…ng o…n hi…m…


”NOW!” The voice of Sparhawk roared “REMEMBER, SHOAR! REMEMBER YOUR FAILURE!” Thunder crashed, lightning forked and the Mist covered all…”


Shoar started, eyes blinking open as he started awake from his sleep. He stretched his arms as he yawned, blinking up at the sun. ”Must have drifted off… Strange dream…” He stood up, moving away from the tree he had fallen asleep under and reattached Cor’Aan and Mi’Cue to his belt. He wandered through the garden, into the great Keep he was staying in. Inside his mind the ever-present Bond with Ryell hovered. She was anxious over something. He frowned and paused a second, working out her position. ”Hmmmm… She’s in Lanfir’s quarters.” He touched the bond gently, letting her know he was there and the anxiousness lessened. He smiled, walking up to the top of the Battlements where Sparhawk was leaning on the wall, looking out towards the Great Blight.


Sparhawk nodded at Shoar and said “It’s been a few days. Do we know when we’ll be moving?” Shoar shook his head, leaning his back on the wall too. “No, I haven’t heard anything. I think we’ll be sent out to scout the approaching army though.” As the two most experienced Gaidin there, they would have the bulk of the dangerous missions. “They’re not too far off from the last reports we saw. A week at the most.


Sparhawk sighed and pushed off the wall “Such is life… How has Ryell been?” Shoar frowned and said “Nervous, anxious. I think the confrontation with her father took a harsher toll then she cares to admit.” Sparhawk nodded “Reile has been sharing her apprehension. Something big is happening.” Shoar nodded, blinking as a white mist seemed to pass over his vision. He rubbed his eyes and blinked again. It was gone. He shrugged and continued his chat with Sparhawk.


Mists Rise…


”You will stay the course of this dream, Shoar.” The voice of Sparhawk resounded, dripping with disdain. “Remember what steps you took to forge your future. This is who you are.”


Shoar, still fast asleep, opened his mouth in a silent scream, trapped in the dream… the nightmare.


OOC: Check my post on the Warders Yards/White Tower for more info :D


Shoar Gaidin

Bonded to Ryell Jagad

Sword Commander


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