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Hola all, and may the Light shine on you.... ;)


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Guest Egwene

Three years?????!!!!!!!!!! How could you!!


...or wait.. leave the best for last, that's it, isn't it?? :D


Welcome to Dragonmount Moridin from Wotmania. Hope you'll soon regret not having joined us earlier :wink: Lots of great threads of all sorts. Meaningless spam on Fiddlesticks, great topics on Debates and Discussions, great company in the Orgs, Role playing adventures and last but not least anything you want to discuss about WoT!!


As I am sure you already have a favourite suspect... please leave your vote on the Asmo thread 8)




Thanks for that and have fun :)

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Well, welcome Moridin, I got to tell you, I was there first too, but DM is the only place for me now. And the Band of the Red Hands off-site boards. Speaking of the Band, you should go over there and check it out, after you sign up, one of us will get a welcome threaad opened up for you, and get you aquainted with the place.

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