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Balance of Power



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The Cairhienin economy is woeful at best. Originally it was quite powerful, self sufficient agriculturally and with mining in Kinslayer’s Dagger and along the Spine of the World, the extraction of precious metals there in particular increasing her wealth. In 566NE, the Aiel granted the Cairhienin passage to Shara, the monopoly on the land route made Cairhien a pre-eminent power with few rivals.


This changed in 976NE with the First Aiel War. The Aiel that swarmed through the Jangai Pass destroyed numerous settlements as they went, uprooting those who had not fled with resistance weak at best and in most cases non-existant. By the end of the war in 978NE, several things were apparent.


Surviving refugees from the eastern lands refused to resettle, along with the miners that had once plied not only Kinslayer’s Dagger and the Spine of the World. With the Aiel also closing the land route to Shara for the Cairhienin, Cairhien’s prospects plummeted. Added to this were the costs of not only rebuilding the city due to the extensive damage caused by the Aiel, but also of grain and other foodstuffs to feed the refugees that rebuilt Foregate.


Up until 998NE, not only did Cairhien have to contend with these costs but also the consequences of the Sun Throne’s unwillingness to address the issue of the refugees. This included fielding a great many entertainments, even convincing the Guild of Illuminators to create a guildhouse just north of the city, in order to keep the local populace happy. Granaries held enough imported food to keep the people happy.


That was until someone lit a spark in one of the warehouses. The result was a year of starvation in Cairhien, the people unsettled in particular in Foregate. The assassination of the King within the same night led to a lack of leadership or spending throughout the city. Compounding this was the Second Aiel War with the Shaido firing Foregate as well as ravaging the city.


While the Aiel under the Dragon then claimed the city, a great deal of damage was done. Yet corn supply from the Dragon’s supporters in Tear has helped restore some stability, though many problems have still not been addressed. Poverty within the city is rife, and in the countryside things are little better.



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