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The nerves... [attn Daemon]


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Liitha looked stunned on the note in her hand, she didnt belive it. She had bunked with the woman for she didnt know how long now, however they always seemed to avoid bumping into eachother. Never mind that thoug, if she wanted to run of dating one of the other guards that wasnt Liithas troubles, but she couldnt belive the nerves of the chit requesting her to move rooms so the other could move in.


Fuming she started tossing clothes into a bag, she hoped this friend of her now ex roomie to be had cleared out. Sweating she went over the room checking that she hadnt left anything and cast one last look at the bags by the side of the bed of the other girl.


Overloaded she somehow managed to get it all with her in one load down the hall, barely able to look over the heap in her arms to see the numbers on the doors.


Finaly she spoted the number and slid the doorhandle down with her elbow before kicking the door up, at the same time blowing a hair out of her face..

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