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Hello, Dragonmount!


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Greetings to all. I have finally decided to try DM. The site looks good. Hope some of you will give me some tips on the routines here. I use WoTmania and Silklantern so I basicly just need to know the difference in setup. I understand decorum and how to post. How are the Orgs. set up? And campaign/storylines?



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Guest Egwene

Hello Yarblee, welcome to DM :)


Difficult to give you the differences as I don't know enough about those sites you mention. But the best advise is go and visit. You don't have to join any branch here as a pre-requisite to staying. Just take your time, look around and join Orgs/RP etc. if you fancy.


Good place to hang out when you don't yet know many people is Fiddlesticks. It's spam and more spam. So just post away and have fun!


...and if you have a moment, visit this thread and leave your vote, pleeeeeease :D



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