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Boys Night Out (attn: Iussi & maybe Kit later )


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ooc: surprise! let's have fun old school style!




Light but where had this miracle of traveling been when he and Kit had been on horses for months?!? Here he was now, in Ebou Dar, and only a few days ago he stood in Illian at Con and Arette's wedding. It was unfathomable.


"Are you sure you'll be okay?" He asked Kit for the fifth or sixth time. She was scribbling busily in a book, so much so she'd forgotten the sandwhich he'd brought to her an hour ago, two bites taken out of the sad looking thing all dried now.


Her answer was just a nod and a wave of the hand, but through the bond she was all but throwing him out the door. Ragan sighed but in truth he was he was eager to go out with Iussi and see the wonders of his friend's home city. It had been literally YEARS since they'd raised glasses together or admired pretty bar maids and the truth was... well, he tried not to think about that truth.


The urges were tough enough to ignore around Kit in the late hours or when she needed him to be close emotionally. But now, with hours away from his Sedai and a wall blocking him from her mentally (one she'd put up for some unknown reason), he knew he might have time to visit a friendly woman for an hour or so, if he and Iussi weren't too gone in drinks & the Light only knew what else before dawn.


Walking down the stairs he met his friend at the door. "Seems I've been dismissed. Let's go see this town of yours."


-Ragan Morsad

Gaidin to Kit Sedai

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Ragan came down the stairs to their appointed meeting point for exploration and manly entertainments wives and Bonding partners would surely frown upon. Iussi grinned at his friend, glad of his company. It had been years since they had last met and Ragan had come to see him in the holding cells under the Tower then. The fool had been guilt-ridden since he thought he had somehow caused Iussi to manifest the spark during their battle. But that was behind them and Iussi did not want to dwell on his Gentling and the long painful months in the 'rehabilitation' farm afterwards when he had been kept away from his family.


The mere thought of Jelene and Jamal and Telcia deepened his grin. Telcia was taking care of the family's business again and enjoying herself thoughoutly in ways Iussi could not quite fathom. He could sense the excitement in negotiations but since he did not excel at them, they were a bit stressful occasions. Luckily she handled them now and he was needed from time to time only for the sake of appearances. His lady wife even enjoyed the bookkeeping in some perverse way that eluded him.


"I am surprised that the mother hen you has been able to leave the helpless baby chicken to her books even for this short while", Iussi teased and barely dodged the swing Ragan casually aimed at his head. "Peace, friend. Seriously, I am sorry for neglecting you in these past days. It is just my luck that Telcia had arranged us to be in two boring parties in following evening. She claims that she absolutely needs me there even though everyone knows by now who is handling the merchanting in this family." He grinned. "Likely she says that just to make me feel better and important." As if he needed any help with that. His ego was not the slightest bruised that Telcia was the breadwinner and he spent time with their children and racing and meddling with faction politics.


His eyes lighted up when he thought of his own scheduled events. "But you really should have come with me when I went to see the racing horses. We visited the breeders and picked the most promising ones for the stable this year. They are magnificent beasts indeed. We even got one of those Tairen horses so we'll see how that beauty will do."


His rambling monologue had taken them to the carriage and he leaned back with ease lifting his boots to the opposing seat, something Telcia would have smacked him for. "So, where to? Do you want to see the racing circles or go to Rahad to gamble and carouse and maybe even womanize?" He winked. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed when it came to human relations but even he had noticed something amiss between Kit and Ragan. They treated each others with affection but there seemed to be some kind of wariness underneath it all. Not at all like what you would expect to see between two people who cared for each others as much as they had during Ragan's trainee times. Iussi would have betted his head that his mate was still as besotted with the woman as then, he had just let his sense of duty to get in the way of their happiness.


Or maybe something had happened and they were now on the break. He had no idea how to tactfully approach the topic and if Ragan would like to speak of it to him, he would. He would just have to make himself available. Which meant that he couldn't tease the man too badly. But he had to have some fun on his expanse at least. "When did you last get laid, Ragan? You seem to be a bit tense?" No grin this time. He was serious and if Ragan wanted to open up, he could. And if not, there had to be an escape valve. "We could always go sightseeing too. Rahad is not the only city part with interesting... views."


Iussi Dyfelle

Tower Guard

Husband to Telcia Sedai

Father of Jelene and Jamal

A Gentled male channeler

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Ragan sighs opening the door walking down the front steps before saying a word. "Nearly four years." He says solemnly and gravely.


Iussi stared at his friend his jaw unflatteringly slack. Four years! He would have burst by now even if he had helped himself. What was wrong with his friend? He knew that Ragan was sweet on Kit and she had returned the feeling so what had happened while he had had his Gentling debacle thing? No time like now to find out. "You don't want Kit anymore or she doesn't want you? Either way mate, that is not very healthy and something must be done. And no, I am not going to help you." He gave Ragan an insufferable grin.


Ragan shook his head, "I'm her Gaidin now Brother... things change. I have duties both to her and to my honor. It's not so simple as it is for you and your fiery Red. The light knows you've paid your dues to be together with your family; but our situations are quite different." He glances back to the house as he mounts his warder's steed. "You're a lucky man Iussi, peace will favor your roof for a long while yet before the battle begins in ernest. You have a treasure in your daughters sweet laugh and strong arms on your boy... a beautiful wife... many blessings brother." His voice drops. "Many indeed."


Ragan looks towards the city, "As for helping me, if I still remember anything about women at all, I'm sure I won't need your help. If memory serves these fair skinned southlanders like stone hard men." A large grin splits his face ear to ear. "I'll have both my knees full tonight if I wanted it. I could fill them in an hour and my bed in two, such is the stalwart nature of men from my country." He chuckled low and loud, a deep thunderous laugh that he'd scarsely used since his training days in the Tower.


Iussi frowned at Ragan's words. He didn't see what Bonding had to do with being together with your Aes Sedai but the honour part explained alot. Ragan could be stiff like a pole sometimes. He got distracted for a moment by Ragan counting his blessings and he definately agreed. Jelene, Jamal and Telcia were real treasures and he thanked the Light to be finally able to be with them.


Ragan's brag drew a hearty chuckle out of Iussi. Now he was talking. "Ebou Dari women appreciate hardness in the pants department, not in the head, my friend. And you will definately have to prove your reckless words now or be forever branded as just talk and no act."


Ragan gave a look of shock at Iussi. "You expect me to prove myself to you, Brother? Tell me now, what need do you have of seeing my manly prowess... do you need education to take back to that fair haired slip of a woman of yours?" Clearly he was joking as he pulled his horse off onto the main road to avoid being hit by his friend. "PEACE!" He called out with another laugh. "You show me one Ebou Dari *girl* who is half the woman Kit is and I'll dauddle her until the cows and pigs come home. The Light burn me if I lie!"


"Don't kill me with laughter. You need to do this for you, Ragan. Like I said, Creator has not made men to be abstinent for that long. And I have just the right person in mind." Iussi popped his head out of the window of the carriage and told the driver to go to Mistress Rosmira's house. The man looked frightened and his gaze darted between Iussi and the window of Telcia's office. Iussi gave him a smile that he hoped was assuring. Telcia might indeed blow through the roof if she heard of this after Rosmira had paid them a visit and congratulated Telcia on being the lucky woman to cage this duckling.


When the driver goaded the horses to move, Iussi gave Ragan a weak grin. "I am going to introduce you to someone who can face up Aes Sedai on an equal ground. She still has not quite gotten over me but I am sure that she will welcome such stalwart male as yourself." Though if Ragan expected to be doing the dandling, he really knew nothing about Ebou Dari women. Rosmira's marriage dagger was quite sharp and she didn't hesitate to use it. It would definately be something Ragan would not be anticipating.


"I dont' know Brother... " Ragan said hesitantly, now realizing that Iussi meant to take him out after women just as he might to go look at buying horses. "Maybe we should gamble and drink a bit first. Work up to the real excitement. Of course, it's quite late already, maybe this lass of yours is already bedded down for the night and we'd be disturbing her. If she's still single she'd be under her father's law and I will not disgrace myself wandering aimlessly up to a goodwoman's window to beg for a smell of her hair. I do have *some* small amount of shame left. Besides... you haven't... I mean, after that serving girl at that tavern a few years back; you haven't ... have you?" Ragan was concerned. Perhaps married life with a Red had gone cold if he was keeping a mistress!


As the carriage lunged forward, Iussi pondered for a moment. Ragan's suggestion sounded more and more tempting every moment. He sure could use a few encouraging drinks before facing the woman again. "Hmm... she might actually already have company. But I am sure that she would not mind us dropping by in any case. And she is quite her own woman so don't worry. And I am sure that she will give you a sniff of her... hair", he added with a leery smirk.


Then he caught the implication of Ragan's final words and glared at the man. He thought that Iussi was cheating on Telcia?! His hand was already on the hilt of his dueling dagger but he firmly removed it. He would not fight a friend. "Me and this woman are nothing", he said firmly. "I left to avoid her and the only reason why we are going there is because you wanted to see an Ebou Dari women at their most formidable. Of course I could arrange you a visit with one of the noble ladies too. So what is it going to be, some drinks to boost up your courage or charge into the fire?"


Ragan's hand went to the hilt of his own blade of it's own accord as he saw Iussi's hand slip to his own. As Iussi loosened up so did he and he sighed. "Old war horses... new tricks. Forgive me Brother, I have offended your honor." He bowed a bit. "For the failing I must insist you let me have the chance to make it up to you. Where is the finest house of drinks, song, and women in this city. I have an urge to watch women in their natural enviroment and see what catch of the day will be lured to my hook on her own. Surly there can't be sport in a woman who'd take me to her bed in only a visit and even if there were... how many others have been there before me?" He arches an eyebrow high. "I'm sure I can find pretty faces to enjoy in a place for such things in this city... that is, unless your wife will cut you for taking me? I will not have her chasing me through the streets for encouraging you." He chuckled, sure that this joke would not be taken in bad humor.


Iussi shook his hand dismissively when Ragan apologized. He was still offended that he had thought there could be any other women for him than Telcia. That Mada woman had been only because she had looked like... Maybe he was wrong in trying to push Ragan into fulfilling carnal urges with some substitute. He should instead help him get Kit. He smirked at Ragan's words about his wife.


"Oh, she will bind your ankles with the One Power and hang you upside down and then stab you. Or then not, since that is a husband's priviledge. But she would think up something else equally nasty." He smiled at Ragan's arched eyebrows. "That is the Ebou Dari way, mate. And tavern sounds just fine to me. It is best to not trouble trouble unnecessarily. You might be more right about your assesment of goodmistress Rosmira than I. I am biased after all and she has her own honour. I have not seen her much since she realised that I was well and truly taken."


He leaned out from the window again and told the driver to go to the Rose of Eldar, an inn frequented by his friends. Despite the wind, he was certain that he heard a relieved sigh. He himself felt better too. Turning to Ragan, he regarded his friend. "I don't think that you need to worry about Telcia coming after you but Kit. From what I saw of the two of you those years ago and now, I doubt that she is quite as happy with this whole honour and 'lets just be Warder and Aes Sedai' thing."


"I love her Brother and if I mean even an ounce of the glory such a word holds, I can do nothing but that which will keep her safe. I gave her my word I would protect her and I know very well what happens the second I stop paying attention to my duty and start thinking with my ... sword." He shrugs. "I've held her to my heart all these years, I don't know how to love her less... I've given her everything a man can at the cost of everything of the joy you know. I've done all I set out to do in life... all but one thing." He looks down at the ground, a bit sad, "But I turned from that the night I let her put those weaves into my head. I'm her sword Iussi... a warder isn't a husband. They are two VERY different things. A man can't be a good warder while being a great husband or vice versa. It's nothing to be ashamed of... they're just different, that's all. I chose one road and you... you took another." He shrugs. "Lucky for you your wife can't bond... I can't forbid Eryia to do anything at all. Not really, not if she gets it into her head to do it. If a man were to walk into her life right now... I could no more stop him from being with her than I could stop the sun from rising."


Iussi brightened up at Ragan's love confession. It was a bit mushy but he found it awfully romantic and wondered why on earth Ragan had not acted on it. He got his answer, though and it just did not make sense. Or considering what he and Telcia had spoken about the Black Tower and male channelers, he did not want it to make sense. He believed with his whole heart that the two could mix. "Why can't you be a Warder and a husband? You can't know whether it works or not because you haven't even given you and Kit a chance. What if she wants you? Will you turn her down for her own good? And what if she can't accept it?"


Something dark seemed to stir in Ragan as he spoke, "That's where you're wrong... I do know. I know because I nearly got us killed." He shakes his head. "It's in the past, but the truth remains. You stop to look in her eyes, to take in her scent or how she feels... her kiss..." He swallows. "And then they're on you and her before you know it. She tried to warn us, but I wouldn't listen until I saw it for myself... a man with a sword to her throat." He violantly turns his head to his friend, "Never again." He seethes. "I will NEVER fail her like that again and if you have good sense brother you will take some of that coin you're wife is earning you and arrange for her to have someone watching her as well. Terrible things happen to people every day, good people, and you're not always with her. You can't be. It's a fact and when you are with her... well, if you lived your life in the way I do, on guard all the time, what kind of father would you be?" He shakes his head.


"Men in my country, we live our wars... but we have a respect for warders, they're a whole different breed because where the men in my country live the war... Warders spend their whole lives dying." His tone trailed off into a near depressive sort of state, not at all like normal happy-go-lucky (if honor struck) Ragan.


Iussi just stared at Ragan when he told his story. This really was news to him and he was aggravated that his friend had never told him. But maybe it had happened on their journeys. "You both are still alive and you have learned your lesson. Only I think that you misinterpreted what it is. Let me guess, this moment you shared was one of the first times you were giving into your feelings, yes? Those first few months are precious and it is hard to focus on anything but you two. After that it grows a bit more ordinary; of course the magic never goes away but you can think and function."


Ragan's words about Telcia gave him some worry and he realised that he had been neglecting his role as her protector. They had hired guards and Telcia was escorted to her meetings and their children had their own larger batch of watchers but it wasn't the same than a Tower trained bodyguard. He would have to stop being a selfish brat and go with her instead of racing and dabbling in faction politics. "My family is well protected", the doubtful and wodnering undertone were audible though. How much was enough when darkfriends were after your children? "And you would be as good father as Kit would be as a mother living this dangerous adventuring life", he said with sharpness. "Should you two wisen up and make little Kits and Ragans one day, I doubt that you would be gallivanting around the world anymore."


"You say that Warders spend their whole life dying. Physically you die only once but they way you are going, you are indeed dying inside every day. And does that make you a better protector? I think not."


"Look, have you actually talked of this with her? Does she agree with you? Because if she does... well, this discussion won't lead anywhere.


"I am glad, for once, you can not understand Iussi." He sighs and tries to perk up. "Other than the feel of her in my arms some cold nights, there is little I lack for in our relationship. Of course I want to *be* with her but how can anything be more close than what we share, really? Even now I can tell you about her, what she's likely doing. The bond is... strange and wonderful in some ways. Terrifying in others, but over all... I wouldn't trade it. No, I don't think there is a husband in the world who wouldn't want to tell himself he has his household under control and well protected... but we've seen it Iussi. You and I both saw the devastation in the countryside after the Trolloc siege and we studied what can happen during our training. Maybe some hired people watching without Telcia's knowing would do some good. She can feel confident, you feel confident... I know, I know... you're trained for these things but you can't tell me that turn of her calf doesn't hold your attention loosely enough for you to see a well pointed crossbow bolt in a crowd or some channeler from a distance? I'm not saying this to scare you but to tell you what I deal with all the time. I HAVE to think of those things... if I stop to consider how her bottom looks in a riding dress I'm not thinking about what the guy across the way is doing with his hand or how quickly someone is riding up on us. Nope... I just need to get some frustrations out and relax and you can take my advice or leave it friend. BUT... if you do want to take it, I'll help you screen some potential men for the job before I go. If... I go." Ragan smiled as he let slip that Kit had mentioned they might stay a while in Ebou Dar. He was sure this might make Iussi forget their negative talk for a short time at least.


Ragan had succeeded in getting a reaction from him whether it was intentional or not. Iussi was doubting now their family's security and he wasn't even certain if his presence would make any difference. If there was someone with a crossbow or a Dreadlord like the last time, his blade would be useless. Maybe he could buy Telcia some time by taking the first hit but that was it. He didn't feel like gambling and carousing at all anymore, instead they could go and train some. But since Ragan needed it, he would be a friend and fan up some enthusiasm. He would just have to make sure that they returned home early and sober enough to be of some use.


And Ragan had never really answered his question. "So, you and Kit have talked this through and through the bond you can tell that she is fine with you two being just friends? Or is she not fine, but like you, she bravely denies all her feelings and devotes herself to being an Aes Sedai and saving the world?" It was wrong for him to torment Ragan like that and petty to want to poke the wound but Iussi wanted his friend to be as much on the edge as he was right then. Which was quite the opposite of what they had tried to achieve by going out.


Reconsiliatory actions were needed. "But thank you for the offer to help us with our safety. I really appreciate it and your skills and I know that with your experience you will pick up alot of things I have missed. We can start from the men we have already hired and see if we need more or they need training. But no more of that tonight. After you tell me what Kit thinks of all this, we can proceed to just having fun and seeing how the bonny ladies of Ebou Dar can lighten up a man's mood." If only he could stop worrying about Telcia and the children now when Ragan had sowed that seed in his mind. Everything had been quiet so far but was it too quiet, the calm before the storm?


Ragan chuckled. "A good joker you are friend, but liar you have never been. Don't fret about Telcia while we're out... you may not have a bond to let you know the first sign of trouble but I surely do and if there is danger at the House Kit will signal me. Besides, three channeling women in the home right now little could go wrong."


"And since you're so damn fired up about knowing... we're both very dedicated to our causes and duties. I know there are moments where she blocks me out, times when... " He tried not to think of that first night in that other world when they'd realized how lost they were in a strange land, how scared they'd both been... how easy it would have been to have stayed in a world with no Gaidin or Sedai. They might have been happy there. "... ahem... there are just moments when it's required of us both to focus and the Void helps with that... and blocking her out."


Three channeling women? Telcia and Kit and who else did they have in the house? Livia, the chef, the maids... surely it couldn't be them, Telcia would have mentioned it to him. The only option was that Arette was coming over. He still could not see what Telcia saw in the woman but he had promised to behave and he was always polite to Aes Sedai even if they were a trial. "So, they are having a women's night. No one told me, but hey, I am just a male." He grinned. "Still that is a relief to hear. And now we have no reason to not get totally wasted tonight save for scoldings tomorrow when your head is ringing anyway. But last time I checked, I still had balls."


"And you live your life as you please. I don't have any say and if you are satisfied with it, I am too. I can only make suggestions and tonight I say that we live dangerously." The carriage stopped with a jerk and Iussi motioned to the door with a grin. "We're there, princess. Ladies first." He blocked Ragan's blows laughing and the two patted shoulders in a brotherly fashion before entering the inn to pick some nightblooming roses - and more importantly, something to wet their throats with.


Ragan Morsad & Iussi Dyfelle

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