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FAQs and Starter Guides for GMs/Players


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"The Lines that join the Worlds That Might Be, laid by those who knew the Numbers of Chaos." 1




Welcome home to Dragonmount's newest option for Roleplaying!

- Portal Stone Adventures / One-Shot Campaigns - 





Table of Contents




1. FAQs

2. Starter Guide - Game Moderators

3.Starter Guide - Players

4. Handy Links / Resources



1. The Wheel of Time Companion (2015), 'Portal Stones'.

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What are 'Portal Stone Adventures / One-Shot Campaigns'?


Portal Stone Adventures are short-term ('one-shot') play-by-post games/collaborative stories that include a pre-defined, self-contained story arc, players and NPCs - completely separate from Dragonmount's traditional roleplay settings and requirements.



What type of story/role-playing systems can be played here?

"The Pattern has infinite variation... and every variation that can be, will be."2


As long as the content falls within the bounds of the site's Terms and Rules and Code of Conduct, Portal Stone Adventures can be any type of story, from any play-by-post RPG/collective story-telling system that the players and Game Moderator (GM) desire! They can be, but do not have to be, related to explorations of the Wheel of Time.



How does it work?


Simply put, every adventure and game will work differently, depending on the system chosen by the GM!


But, in a nutshell:


  1. GMs come up with adventures, outline the specific settings, systems and character guidelines for their game, and invite others to play in a 'Recruiting' post here on the main board. 
  2. Interested players respond/apply/liaise with the GM in accordance with the stated guidelines.
  3. Games/Adventures are roleplayed 'In Character' on the IC - Campaigns board, whilst Moderation/Action chat is managed on the main board, in Out-of-character (OOC) threads.



How do I join/play?


1. Sign up for group access on the main RP forum board - and feel free to jump in with an introduction post in the thread for introductions and chit-chat!


(DM has always fostered a sense of friendly community, especially in games and roleplay - and it's always good to 'meet' new players!)


2. Read the relevant Starter Guides for GMs and Players (below/TBA).


3. Go ahead and create and/or join a game! (Yes, now!)



What do I post Where? (summary)


Portal Stone Adventures / One-Shot Campaigns 

for short-term ('one-shot') play-by-post games/collaborative stories.



Main board is for OOC (Out of Character) threads, including


  • Recruitment (Please include [Recruiting] and game type in the title)
  • Moderation/Action threads for active games ([OOC] tag and Title starter - e.g. '[OOC] The Fall of Malkier - diceless' (+ tag [OOC])
  • General chat (E.g. Soundboarding ideas, links to tips and resources)


 IC - Campaigns - is for active game threads (and their GM / approved players only).



Main RP forum board :

The landing page and main forum for all Dragonmount roleplay sub-forums.


Sign up for group access here

Introduce yourself here

Create/participate in new posts for general roleplay-related OOC (Out of Character) chat.





I have more questions, help!


No worries!

For general questions that can be answered by community members, feel free to post your questions in a new thread here.


If you need to talk directly to board staff, DM @Cass in the first instance - followed by other RP forum staff, as listed on the main board.

(We don't bite often, promise!)


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Welcome, future Mods!


All you have to do to start the adventures is create and manage posts as below:


1. Recruitment/Moderation threads (on Main board)

2. Game Thread (in IC Campaigns)


(See Spoilers for Specific Details)


Recruitment Thread



This post is where it all begins. It is where you promote your campaign and provide relevant details for prospective players.




1. Create a new thread on the Main board.

Include RPG TYPE/TITLE and [RECRUITING] in the topic header. Tag as you see fit.




'[RECRUITING] D&D 5e HOMEBREW: Randland Adventures'

TAGS: D&D, Homebrew


'[RECRUITING] Wheel of Time narrative: the Fall of Malkier'


2. In the body of your new post, sell that adventure! Hook players in with information that outlines the setting and the particulars of your game/campaign.


GAME DETAILS: RPG System/Universe, Mechanics, Tools, Number of players required/allowed.

CAMPAIGN SPECIFICS: Title, Genre, Synopsis, Special Notes, Estimated timeline/duration 

And if necessary, 





RPG System: Collaborative-story, D&D 5th Edition...

Universe: Wheel of Time, Home-brew...

Mechanics: Moderated / Independent Action, Dice-less, Narrative only, Action/Combat-Heavy, Rules light...

Tools: Dice-bot, Message System, Reference Site/Manual...





Moderation/Action Thread


A space for out-of-character interactions between players and the GM. Once players are recruited and/or the game is active, the thread can be used for planning, announcements, calls to action, general chit-chat, encouragement, roll-results, questions, general game rules - anything the heart desires.




Create a new thread, or EDIT the title of the Recruiting thread on the Main board.


Include [OOC] in the topic header. 


If the game is active, but still open to new players, include [OPEN] in the title, and as a tag.




'[OOC] D&D 5e HOMEBREW: Randland Adventures' [OPEN]

TAGS: D&D, Homebrew, Open


'[OOC] Wheel of Time narrative: the Fall of Malkier'






The Game Thread



Posted on the IC - Campaigns Board, this is where the Game is played out, In-Character. 



1. Title threads clearly, and tag according to the relevant system.


2. Provide all approved players with a direct link to the thread.


3. Include the link at the top of the OOC Moderation/Action thread.  


4. Let the Game begin!




Go ahead! Get started! We can't wait to see the wild adventures in these parts of the boards take off!




As long as the game fits with Dragonmount's Guidelines and Code of Conduct, there are no limits to the type of PbP game you can run as a Campaign...




If you have further questions, DM @Cass, and/or post here 


RP staff are about on a regular basis and will be happy to help you out. 


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Starter Guide - Game Players



More information will be coming soon



But if you want to play, go ahead and get started on your adventure using  info from the FAQs!


Your GMs and board staff will be happy to help you out!

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