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The Dark One and Morgoth from Tolkien's Legendarium are the same entity

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Obviously, it is tinfoil and not likely, but I always like to believe that, after Morgoth was banished by the Valar into the Void, Eru changed the flow of time in the world to be cyclical, so that he could never leave the Void.



So, the world wasn't always cyclical: it became so later, say after War of Wrath or after Sauron's defeat in War of the Ring. Sauron, since he was the last to be defeated, has some freedom to walk the world, so he takes the form of a Myrddraal, named Shaidar Haran and serves his master the best way he can. 


Morgoth tries to, with his host of fallen Maiar, escape from the Void, but the Champion of Eru is always there to seal him back. Morgoth has been stuck in the Void for so long he has lost even some sapient sense and has been lowered to barely a personality and a being: he is so consumed by desire to destroy, corrupt and rule creation that he behaves more like a force of nature rather than a person. Hence why Dark One (Morgoth) feels like that: though he is a being, he behaves more like a force.



What do you think of this tinfoil theory and how do you think it changes perspective on things?

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The Dark One is on Eru's level. It is why he is imprisoned, not fully out. The Dark One is not on the ability level as Eru, but he can totally alter what the world is doing.


The main difference, is that while Morgoth's influence is varied, the Dark One's influence is much more upfront than anything Morgoth did, except for the first conflict with the Valar before the Elves woke up. The case in point is the entire time the Noldor were fighting Morgoth from their return to the War Of Wrath. Feanor and his sons did not care or understand his influence on them. If it was the Dark One, they would totally know fully what he was doing the moment he did it.


Morgoth would also never think of ruining the weather, unless it was to torment Manwe and Ulmo, even if he could do so. The Dark One would ruin the weather, and there would be nothing Manwe or Ulmo could do to stop him.


Even Eru would have issues trying to reverse what the Dark One did without killing Middle Earth in the process, and that is something the Dark One would push. He pretty much was doing it in the books. 

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