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Robert Laurel

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I have three characters that are available for RP.


The first is Robert Laurel. Professional soldier from Tar Valon. Risen to be commander of the Tower Guard. Warder and in a romantic relationship to the Amyrlin seat. Has a grown daughter from a previous relationship. His ex-wife Sharra is the best cavalry commander in the world.


Elaine Treherne. The Tower's master spy. Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is the best fighter and rider in Tar Valon. Black Widow without the issues. She has flashes of intuition and hunches that cannot be trained. She habitually wears black leather  and carries a number of throwing knives hidden about her person


Erin Laurel. Current head of the Laurel and manager of its vast trading fortune. She is current Minister of Finance.

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