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  1. I have been pre-approved for a home mortgage.
  2. Has Mumsy been pestering the Warders again?
  3. Reboot. World War One tech. Dreadnoughts and primitive heavier-than-air aircraft. Dreadnoughts. Primitive telephones. Telegraph. Primitive radio. Use of ter'angreals to provide electricity and clean water to all. Extensive railroads. Primitive automobiles. Tar Valon is London. Caemlyn is Paris. Manetheren is U.S. Illian is Berlin. Shaara is China/Japan. Robert Laurel is C-in-C of the Army and Minister of War. He is married to the Amyrlin Seat. Delia Trakand is the Dragon Empress and the Amyrlin Seat. She is expecting her first child, a daughter.
  4. I'm thinking about doing a reboot and changing the tech level.
  5. Is Zander showing off his shortcomings?
  6. I have an open RP posted. Stop by and join in. Room for all.
  7. My tree main characters: Robert Laurel. 39. (I'm trying to decide if he's married to the Amyrlin and if they have children). Lifelong soldier. Commander-in-Chief Imperial Army. Elaine Treherne. 39. Spymaster. Colonel. River Tam and Black Widow without the issues. Trained gymnast, acrobat and ballet dancer. Best swordfighter, pistol shot and horse rider in the army. Erin Laurel. 40. Head of house. Fabulously wealthy. She's Minister of Commerce because she has so much money she can't be bribed. Widowed young. Has a 15-year-old daughter, Julie, who along with a
  8. Everyone has access to clean water, air and food. There are paved roads everywhere. There is free education up through high school. Students who qualify get free tuition and room and board at the various colleges and universities. The Black Tower has relocated to the Southern Continent and they take no part in world affairs, but they do maintain recruiting offices in most of the towns and cities. When a man is found who can channel, they sponsor a huge celebration, pay his parents a large stipend and ship him south for training. AS are encouraged to marry and have children and to g
  9. The world situation . The last descendant of Matt and Tuon is dead, killed in the battle and won back the Seanchan continent. The new ruler is starting to look acquisitively at the Dragon Empire and has made an alliance with Shaara. The Amyrlin Seat is also the Empress. The capital has been moved to Tar Valon. Great scientific progress has been made. Gunpowder, muskets, cannon, telegraph, telephones, steamships, ironclads, lighter-than-air airships.
  10. "General Robert Laurel with Colonel Elaine Treherne" he said to The Keeper. "I have an appointment with the Amyrlin Seat." He was here to report the successful completion of his mission to Manetheren. It had taken nearly two years, but he had finally managed to drive the trollocs and darkfriends back into their caves in the mountains. Unfortunately the enemy had learned how to make muskets and cast artillery. He had finally caught them in a killing ground where they couldn't retreat and killed them by the thousands. He and his people were exhausted, needed to replace their losses and rest. Tar
  11. Found out that Elgee isn't in here. Who wants to jump in? Napoleonic tech.
  12. Not a conspiracy theory. I was there. I've also worked with ATTIP, the Pentagon's UFO program. It went deep underground after the fundamentalists went after it.
  13. Actually it did produce actionable intelligence. Religious fundamentalist members of Congress forced it to be shut down because they thought it was opening a channel to the Devil.
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