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  1. Any tabletop roleplayers here in Maryland? I want to run a face-to-face game.
  2. I helped plan the invasion and went in on the first wave.
  3. Thanks. I'll have an apple cider. 19 years ago today I was pulling the bodies of friends from the rubble of the Pentagon.
  4. A man walks into the tavern. He is dressed in rich clothing with a suit of finely wrought chain over it. His sword and dagger and of fine quality but have the look of use. He walks up to the bar and places a pile of coin. "All drinks tonight on me:.
  5. I interpret the rules as don't be a butt head, treat people decently and be helpful if you can.
  6. Japan, Germany, UK. Did a stint in Paris as an attache.
  7. 1. Support the White Tower and fight for the right. Help a Sister if you can anyway yoy can. 2. Behave. Respect. Don't be an idiot. 3. Watch my language. Don't post anything that you wouldn't want your mother or sister to see. 4. Don't go off topic. Ask permission if you want to use someone's character. Don't monopolize an RP.
  8. In the WWI scenario I was thinking by having the war start by a thousand zeppelin raid on Tar Valon and a baval bombardment of Tear that devastates the city because some shells hit an oil refinery.
  9. Aircraft only in the WWI type scenario. But he did employ balloons on one occasion.
  10. I was thinking like the raken died out or that they would be too vulnerable to the airships and planes.
  11. For the Napoleon RP there would be muskets, cannons and primitive steamships. For the VictorianWW1 RP there would be zeppelins, pre-dreadnought ships and primitive heavier-than-air planes. Also machine guns. Development of primitive tanks later. Limited use of Channeling because it could quickly get too destructive. The Seanchan and Shara against everyone else.
  12. Who were you and on what site? I have yet to receive a PM.
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