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WoT meets Yuletide (Spoiler alert)


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So you may see things related to what's been revealed in the wot tv series on here, we are keeping to consepts introduced there to make it relevant for those who haven't read the books.  So if you are not up to date about them, and don't want to risk any potential spoilers then don't continue.



So this year pic you favorite character from the festival season, or make a character from your favorite item. And draw it with the prompt..


So snowman, Santa, elves, candy cane, log, sun, moon, lantern, whatever fit with the tradition of how you celebrate the season - pick your character to take on a journey through different situations or rolles in the upcoming month. You can participate on as many or few of the days that you want, be i daily, every other day, weekly or even if you just want to do one or two...


So here are the prompts so far (more will come as the series progress)

#1 Wheel of time   #2 Aes Sedai   #3 Wolf   #4 Trolloc   #5 Bel Tine dance   #6 Blacksmith   #7 Wagon   #8 Warder   #9 Bats   #10 Miner   #11 Shadar Logoth

#12 Gleeman   #13 Darkfriend

#14 Innkeeper   #15 Serpent ring   #16 Fade   #17 Camp   #18 Children of the light   #19 Heron mark   #20 Farmer   #21 Wisdom   #22 False dragon   #23 Ajah   #24 Nightmare #25 Healing #26 Ogier

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