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I was a bit thrown with Perrin being married. Who will play Faile? Will she appear? Also I get the change up for the beginning although I believe Rand’s discussion with Tam and the events with May and Perrin once he gets to the Two Rivers was a better opening/explanation I also understand there is a lot of content that can not be fit into a series. That said ( trying to get over Perrin married to some unknown), LAN was the one who was a hard a** to the Two Rivers folk however he was and is their biggest advocate. The switch a too with Morraine being that. Kinda threw things. Also where is Elyas????  Just as Alan is Rand’s guru and teacher. Elyas is Perrin. I’m absolutely grateful you included Thom for Matt. These things should not be changed. I mean. Well yeah. Just that. Please tell me you won’t take out Min, Ahveinda! Please don’t change that part for Rand. Also. What in the honest heck did you do to Matt’s parents and sisters??? Where is a Bhode? You completely changed Matt. He is a prankster. A raskal. And very charismatic at it! Ok. Done. Again being patient. I’ll keep watching. Just please don’t change too much. Thank you. 

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