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Hey. I signed up a long time ago but never really got active. With the show coming out, I've found myself getting pumped for it, and started venturing back into the WoT corner of the internet again. Started a reread a few months ago in preparation for S1, am 75% thru TSR right now. And despite it being reread 5 or 6, am still spotting nuances I didn't see in the past. Such is the level of complexity of the turnings of the Wheel!


First read EOTW in 1994 as a sophomore in college. Got up to LOC before having to wait for RJ to publish ACOS. Used to surf this site, Theoryland, the really old rec.arts.whatever the rest of it was bulletin boards stuff. 


Might not ever get confirmation but had a thought hit me while rereading TSR that I might share if I ever get enough time to write it, but the TL;DR is that Nakomi is Narisse in Rand's visions in Rhuidean. Maybe another has connected the same dots, but I haven't seen it anywhere yet.


Anyway, looking forward to the show, am enjoying seeing new readers posting about the same stuff, questions, theories, etc. that people did 25 years ago, and knowing what a treat they're all in for after they power thru PoD, CoT, and WH


Oh, and Gawyn still sucks. Dislike him as much now as did the first time through. 

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Glad to see the show bringing old blood back and becoming new again! And you aren't kidding - 11 years ago. But welcome home!


Feel free to peruse the other forums...discussing the books, or the upcoming show - anything you like with us.


And there are clubs with like-minded members ranging from entertainment, the arts, even if you just really love things like the White Tower. We have clubs and even social groups for it.


There is also a long-running RP going on too, if that tickles your fancy.


Let us know if there is anything you need!



             Cadsuane (the original one.)

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