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Anyone got juice?


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Has anyone ever tried something like a collab here? I'm (also) a digital draw-person (artist seems too big a word), and it is easier to do something collaboratively if it is digital. Maybe like those games I used to do where you fold a piece of paper in 3, someone draws a head, the next draws an upperbody plus arms and the third draws the bottom/legs.

(Ex. https://www.instructables.com/Fun-Monster-Drawing-Game/ - okay, very kiddy. But hey, it looks like fun-  or http://artofvisualthinking.blogspot.com/2012/11/exquisite-corpse.html -it has a name??)


Or something easy and fun could be to draw the view from your dream house/location? Or draw your pets as a character from WoT? (I am not sure if I can match my chihuahua up with anyone, but I would like to try...)

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The fold in three would be fun


The draw pets too based on personality, but it would possibly be a bit more challenging


It's also possible to split in 5



Upper body/torso and arms

Lower body/bottom and legs



To include more people, maybe start with a 3 split and grow to a five split if popular.


Did you want to start  @Daenelia ?

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@Liitha I'll get started on it tomorrow. Maybe make a template, so we work with the same sizes. And I guess we just need to make sure the next person gets the starting point for the next part. You normally would not see what the person before you drew. I guess I can try to use the spoiler-option to post the part I am drawing, then present the next piece with starting points for the person taking up the challenge.


Or we just try to make do without all the secrecy.


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