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Letter rand recived


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36 minutes ago, pratyaksh said:

Which letter did rand receive when he visited the white tower?

The only time Rand visits the WT is shortly after his trip to the Summit of Dragonmount, to talk to Egwene, I don't remember him being given a Letter at that time, so can't help you there.

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On 8/29/2021 at 5:04 AM, wotfan4472 said:

I suspect it was Verin telling him about Alsalam's location. It is the only thing that I cannot figure out. He sent Cadsuaine to retrieve him, but there is no actual dialogue that suggests how he knew. The only solution for me is Verin's letter. 


Wasn't Rand's logic that since Mattin Staphanos was being held at the White Tower he figured they also tried to snag Alsalam, but got stuck when the winter storm struck?

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He did not know of Mattin Stepaneos until his visit to Tar Valon to inform Egwene of his intentions.

We also have the fact an Aes Sedai gave him a letter in that location, and it was before Alsalam's appearance.

But, in between, we saw Rand send Cadsuaine to retrieve someone. It could only have been Verin's letter informing Rand of Alsalam's location.

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