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I'm not an artist, but...

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As the title states I'm not an artist. I used to dabble in drawing when I was young but since what I did was replicating the art of others freehand to distract myself from school work it couldn't really be considered art. I do really appreciate art to the point that I volunteered for JordanCon's Artshow and been staff there for years. This year was my first year as a co-manager of the artshow and I must say I got to experience a whole new side to interacting with the talented artists that attended it was really interesting. I definitely enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to doing it again next year. So lets talk about art and artists who we look up to. 

I actually really look up to Pochimaru a mangaka. Her art has always intrigued me and is really really good. If you haven't heard of her definitely look up her content. 

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