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Hey all!


Just wanted to let everyone know that myself and a friend of mine have started a podcast aimed specifically at new readers, but all are welcome!!


Tales of a Redarm is a read-along podcast that goes through the books in chronological order, but also has a lot of discussions about what is happening in the books and helping everyone connect two and two together as we progress through the series to show how much of a wonderful world there is!! My co-host, James, is completely new to the series and since it is his first read through, I convinced him to do this podcast with me so everyone could benefit from two different perspectives.


We just launched the first episode, and have recorded a few more to release every week on Tuesday in the am.


We have a Facebook page:


Here we want to interact with everyone and enjoy each other's love of Robert Jordan's Masterpiece!!


If you listen in on Spotify, here is the link to make it easier to find!



If you listen on Pocket Casts, here is the link to make it easier to find!


If you listen on Breaker, here is the link to make it easier to find!



If you listen on Google Podcasts, here is a link to make it easier to find!

Note: Currently, this link will only work on Android devices


If you listen on Radio Public, here is a link to make it easier to find!


We are also slowly being added to other platforms as well, but it takes time. Soon we will be on Apple Itunes Podcasts, Castbox, and Overcast!!


Come visit us!!

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